Marisol Letelier

Pangeanic: the solutions you need in 2023

After years of standstill and uncertainty about what the future held in all sectors, 2022 gave us a taste of long-forgotten "normality" as different ways of working and new opportunities emerged and stimulated markets.

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What has Pangeanic been up to in 2022?

Join us on this tour to rediscover our best 2022 events.

Why is attending events so important?

Taking part in events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. is a great opportunity for both employees and the company. Participants can expand...

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What are Translation Management Systems and how to choose one

A translation management system (TMS) is one of the main tools available to manage and control translation processes. It is an essential tool in the optimization of a localization process workflow.

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Pangeanic at AMTA 2022: What Did We Learn?

Every year, Pangeanic participates in numerous events and conferences in the field of natural language processing. This year, our team traveled to Orlando to attend the AMTA 2022 event.

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Discover the challenges and characteristics of financial translations

Financial language is a specialized language with a specific lexicon and grammar that makes it different and exclusive. It is a language with its own terminology in which it is conceptualized differently from everyday language, making its...

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The Revolutionary Role of AI in Tourism

More and more commercial and industrial sectors are stepping up their use of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase their operational capabilities, optimize processes and offer a better product/service to the customer. This is what AI is...

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Multilingual Translation: Breaking Down Barriers and Opening up Opportunities With Languages

Translating the same content into different languages, known as multilingual translation, is a challenging endeavor. Some of the difficulties that need to be overcome include the particular structures of each language, cultural differences, the need...

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