Best data anonymization tools and techniques

    There is a popular ongoing debate about the underlying brain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of algorithms and existing machines that[..]
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    How to find the perfect partner for technical translation?

    It is true that translating technical documents can be considered less sophisticated and glamorous than translating literary works such as novels or p[..]
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    Pangeanic. Multicultural, international, and digitized.

    Beyond technology and artificial intelligence, Pangeanic has a secret weapon to remain at the forefront when innovating in the industry. You may have [..]
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    PangeaMT: at the forefront of machine translation development solutions

    We’re proud to present PangeaMT, the company’s technology division and innovation hub driving Pangeanic’s language processing solutions. PangeaMT is w[..]
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    AI will read text to discover information for you

    In the first of a series of interviews with Pangeanic's key R&D and technology product team, we discover the "inside" view of our developers and v[..]
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