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Sony Awards: category of Assesment of Manual Making Companies

by Manuel Herranz

January 2007

Sony Awards: category of Assesment of Manual Making Companies: The B.I Group has received its 4th Sony Award ( Seisakugaisha Hyoka Seido ) for work undertaken during 2006. The B.I Group has been providing technical writing services, translation and design services to Sony Corporation, Japan since the mid 1980's. The Sony award was received with pleasure by Mr. Takeshi Kimura, from B.I Japan Inc. at Sony Japan's Headquarters in Tokyo. As part of the B.I Group, Pangeanic works for Sony Europe providing transcreation (cocreation) services, working as well in the translation of catalogues, website translation, translation of technical manuals, translation of press releases and business news, etc. Pangeanic has been pivotal in the provision of professional translation services to the Tokyo office, which have been published by Sony Japan as technical documentation. sony logoThe work for Sony Europe, however, tends to be more creative as it is related to press releases, corporate news, marketing collateral (from flyers to technical catalogues), general correspondence as well as the production of technical user manuals in languages which are not provided from the headquarters. "We are very excited to receive this award, which is an award to the whole of the corporation - it is truly an award for the work done by all our operation centers working in unison, from Tokyo to Shanghai and in Europe." said Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic's CEO. "It proves that the corporation can provide a full solution to Sony which encompasses technical writing for their new products in Japan, whilst looking after the translation of technical documentation in multilingual desktop publishing. It proves that our solutions go beyond the technical translation company to provide a global solution to massive publication needs." Further reading: 

Translation Services and Solutions for Sony Corporation


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