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5 tips to translate your website into another language and embed it in your business strategy

Large enterprises and even SME’s around the world are realizing how important it is to translate a webpage in many languages.

1. A free website translator isn't simply enough.

It may do the job fairly well if you just need to understand a website in another language, but that kind of automatic translation is not good enough when you are looking to attract customers.

2. Free website translations published as good content send the wrong message to your potential audience.

Google can be quoted as the best example. The search giant is very aware that it is the search engine of choice used around the world and it needs to be available to everyone. Since there are still billions of people who can’t read English or understand it, Google provides the option of translating websites and search results into the language they are familiar with - but this is a quick, on-the-fly HTML conversion for information purposes only. If you want to establish a solid business presence in many countries around the world, then you need professional  website translations as well.

3. Thanks to a multilingual website containing website translations of your original product descriptions in other languages, your target audience is much wider.

You have been targeting a particular audience since the inception of your business. Translation into several languages of your web content has many benefits and one could literally write a book on them.

The number one, of course is that if your website has always been monolingual, then you were only communicating with people who understood your main language. With website translation you can rank in search engines and carry your message to people who don’t understand your web’s first language. It will actually make sense to them when they visit your website, click on their language button or tab and are able to read everything that is written on it.

website translations increase SEO visibilityBrand image is the most important thing for any business in the world and brand image is not seen by looking at the size of a business or the quality of its products. Brand image is measured by looking at the people’s attitude towards a business. A business can change people’s attitude towards it through its marketing efforts. Your brand image starts to build up as you start making some place in the hearts of your customers. That’s done through intelligent marketing, connecting advertisements and by personalizing your messages for them.

When you translate a website into Spanish, you are opening up to an audience speaking the 2 nd most spoken language in the world (500 million). Spanish has a strong presence not only in Europe and Latin America, but also in the United States – and brands are learning the power of marketing in US Spanish. Pangeanic has a long relationship with Japanese companies.

If you are Japanese and you decide to translate a website from Japanese to English will understand that it’s an amazing way of starting a connection with people from different corners of the world.

4. Better SEO and marketing results.

Start introducing new content on your website in multiple languages and you will see an increase in traffic and conversions – that is almost guaranteed. There are several strategies to do so, either with a multisite strategy or with a multilingual site.

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The more languages you add to a website, the more keywords search engines will detect on your site. OK, there is work to do in Analytics, regular publishing, geo-localization, website hosting speed, etc. But do not even think twice: the more languages a website contains, the higher the changes to be in the top spot in Google. But rankings are just one objective.

The point about Inbound Marketing is that your website will act as a point of reference, as a result of the knowledge it provides to its visitors. When you convert your customers into loyal customers, you can rest assured that your customers are not going anywhere else for many years to come. They will also review your services and provide testimonials.

Customer loyalty is the added collateral benefit when you translate your website into different languages. You will benefit from a greater online reputation. Remember younger generations were born with the Internet. Reviews and comments, plus the corporate information you may add in their language are more relevant than marketing material in many cases.

With website translations (and not an automatic "translate website button" or a "webpage translator") you can make your brand a part of people’s lives by connecting with them culturally.

5. Establish a long-term relationship with a translation company.

Your website is most probably already published and content is up. And quite likely, the only place containing all the text that needs translating is... your website. It is typical for a website to develop over time. 
Pangeanic technologies can crawl your website and extract text and connect to our translation services API for job management, keeping a bilingual copy of all your linguistic assets. 
If you publish content regularly, our Cor technology will make it even easier for you to keep track of your publications automatically. You publish and Cor detects your new content, extracts it and sends it to a project manager or translator so it can be processed at the regular interval you require. Watch the video below to see Pangeanic's crawler in action, keeping track of our own publications. 
Lastly, if your content is high confidential and you need to translate a website but confidentiality is paramount before public release, our Client Portal makes it easy for you to upload content in a completely secure manner thanks to our encrypted solutions.