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Why website translation services need to be embedded in your business strategy

Large enterprises around the world are now quickly realizing the importance of having their websites available in many languages. A free website translator isn't simply enough. It may do the job fairly well if you just need to understand a website in another language, but that kind of automatic translation is not good enough when you looking to attract customers. Free website translations published as good content send the wrong message to your potential audience. Google can be quoted as the best example of that. Google knew it was the search engine used around the world and it had to be available to everyone. Since there are still billions of people who can’t read English or understand it, Google gave them the option of translating their website and search results into the language they knew - but this is for information purposes only. If your business has its presence in many countries around the world, or you want it to, then you need website translations as well. Website translation has many benefits and you could literally write a book on them. The first thing that website translation does is that it broadens the target audience that you have been targeting since the inception of your business. If your website was always in English, then you were only communicating with people who knew English. With website translation you can carry your message to the people who don’t understand English. It would actually make sense to them when they open your website and understand everything that is written on it. You can also obtain better results from your marketing efforts when you introduce new stuff on your website in multiple languages. People won’t understand what that big splash on your website means unless they can understand the content within it. Translate that content into their language and they will surely respond to your call to action and advertising messages. Brand image is the most important thing for any business in the world and brand image is not seen by looking at the size of a business or the quality of its products. Brand image is measured by looking at the people’s attitude towards a business. A business can change people’s attitude towards it through its marketing efforts. Your brand image starts to build up as you start making some place in the hearts of your customers. That’s done through intelligent marketing, connecting advertisements and by personalizing your messages for them. Translating a website is just that amazing way of starting a connection with the people that they can feel. You can find a reliable translation company by looking at online reviews and choose one that you find most suitable to your needs. With website translation, your customers trust your brand more and feel connected to you when you offer them services in their language. They know you care about them and they respond back by being loyal to your business. When you convert your customers into loyal customers, you can rest assured that your customers are not going anywhere else for many years to come. Customer loyalty is the guaranty that you will keep benefitting from your existing customers even if you are not able to make new customers at a great pace. Lastly, you can make your brand a part of people’s life by connecting with them culturally. When you make content available to them in their language you have to know all the common terms that can grab their attention. However, you will have to refer to professional translator in order to have your content translated intelligently.

Tax concerns for eCommerce sites

To plug possible revenue leakage from e-commerce transactions, the draft GST law also proposes tax collection at source for e-commerce companies. This means that any payment made to a supplier by an e-commerce company will be subject to tax collected at source. This is expected to significantly increase the compliance burden for e-commerce companies as they will need to file a statement providing details of all supplies made through the e-commerce platform.

Asia e-commerce landscape

An April 2016, a report by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Deloitte India forecasted that the Indian B2C (business to consumer) e-commerce sector segment will grow more than seven times from $13.6 billion to $101.9 billion compared to the traditional B2B (Business to Business), which is expected to grow from $300 billion in 2014 to $700 billion in 2020 - which still means that it will double in size.

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