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English to Spanish Translation Website - The importance of Having Quality

The advent of the Internet has provided business across the world with opportunities to expand globally. International business and exports are not just the realm of large companies with big marketing budgets and sales teams.

The EU has been working hard to create a single market from the Canary Islands to Finland - and this has had a very beneficial effect on European businesses. Likewise, companies across the world find it increasing easier to sell their products in different markets. But, along with the unlimited opportunities, businesses are also faced with varied challenges, the foremost being the much-touted language barrier.

Targeting diversified consumer markets means addressing potential viewers of your website in several languages. Individuals and businesses hailing from various regions of the world and speaking different languages expect a clear, consistent and successful transmission of your corporate messages. In this respect, counting with a partner you can rely on for your quality Spanish translations is a must if you want to market your products and services in a language spoken by over 450 million speakers.

Quality Spanish translations are required not only in documentation, marketing or medical translations, they are also useful for the internationalization of services, such as for example, the translation of an app, as we explained recently in our article Top 5 languages to translate an app for Android or iPhone. Ensuring effective communication is of utmost importance in carrying out business affairs successfully. ciudad-artes-ciencias-noche-valencia-pexel256150-1 City of Arts and Science - Valencia (Spain).

To ensure having quality Spanish translations concerning all your business affairs of varied natures, it is advisable to hire professional translation services.

Whether you want help in composing an influential e-mail, need assistance in adequately translating promotional content, or need accurate translation for you website, professional Spanish translators ensure that you are always provided with quality Spanish translations for all aspects of your business. Having a website worded in the universal language is no more as viable as it used to be. Globalization has led to increased access to Internet, and now businesses that wish expand globally, should not opt for a generalized approach. With varied consumer markets, demands for specified availability of products and services have increased. A more localized approach will better equip them to cater to these market segments, with quality translations playing a key role in marketing and communication.

Today, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide. The Spanish-speaking world is a very large community estimated to be over 400 million. Spanish is the third most widely spoken language and is spoken in more than twenty countries. The wide spread use of Spanish and scattered segments of Spanish speaking communities settled around the world makes it even more important for you to have Spanish Translation of your website content. Their spread over an extensive region provides businesses with Spanish speaking consumers markets on a wide scale. A website with Spanish content will not only allow you to effectively communicate with these potential consumers but also increase your consumer base noticeably

Mapa-de-America Latin America - The great Spanish-speaking continent, and North America.

The largest minority group that resides in USA, in present times, is Hispanics. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States according to reviews. Hispanics form a powerful market segment and demographic section of the society in America. They hold immense buying power and are a considerable segment of voters. Hence, even if you are not involved in commercial activities and are a humanitarian body that needs to effectively communicate its reason of existence and its objectives, having a Spanish Translation of your website content would enable you to effectively engage in communication with this extensive segment of the society. By 2020, there will be as many Spanish speakers in the United States as in Spain, and the US is likely to become the first Spanish-speaking country, overtaking Mexico by 2050. Around 10% of the world population will speak Spanish by then.

Turning a blind eye to a growing consumer market of such a considerable size would be unwise for any business. And in order to ensure that these consumers are effectively made aware of your offered products or services, having quality Spanish translations for your website and all of your on-line promotional content is, more than a great advantage, actually essential. These audiences would be better able to relate to the Spanish translation of your content. Effective marketing communication would increase chances of these individuals choosing your products and services over your competitors’. OK, so translation is rapidly gaining importance in today’s financial, corporate and political arena. And you know that having quality translations of your content ensures that you are better able to progress on a global level. But sometimes the speed at which your content needs to be translated surpasses what a traditional translation service can offer. You do not need to service human-quality translations but you need to offer Spanish versions of your content at light speed.

Pangeanic is also here to help you. We began thinking about these problems when handling big amounts of data was still a problem to come. Back in 2006, Pangeanic joined research think tanks such as TAUS in order to learn best practices from giants with large multilingual and translation needs like Microsoft, Adobe, the European Union, Siemens, Dell, Symantec, McAffee, etc. Since then, the company became a world leader in implementing packaged machine translation open source solutions and building solutions to solve fast translation problems for the web and other areas. It was awarded post-editing contracts by the EU and it also became a research partner in EU programs like the Marie Curie EXPERT program, which aims to train the next generation of machine translation specialists in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Leeds, Dublin City University, University of Saarland and other industrial partners.

Our machine translation technology includes a translation API that links to the Content Management System of your company and speeds up both the translation as well as the publication times. What is the advantage of linking your publication platforms to a translation API? Imagine that you can have all your content sent to a translation department so that you do not have to raise orders, query by emails or transfer information. Imagine also that you could convert user generated content into quality Spanish translations for your Spanish-speaking audiences by automatically linking your system to a machine translation engine we have purposely developed with your own terminology, and that speaks with the style voice as your company. Now imagine this engine could learn from future translations and improve the output, and that you could apply this API to several areas within your website as well, even to content you do not wish to pay for translation - just pay when someone actually requires the Spanish version. Or agree a flat fee for all your automated Spanish versions.... This is Pangeanic and that is just one of the many ways in which we can help you succeed in the Spanish-speaking world.