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Why are some languages written from right to left?

Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and other ancient languages have a common denominator: they are languages written from right to left. It is said that right-to-left scripts can be indicative of how ancient the language is because of the medium of writing that...

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What languages are read right to left?

Many modern languages, especially in the Western world, originated from Latin and Greek. The reason for Latin and Greek being read left to right is not particularly well known, but an important theory is that the medium of writing strongly...

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Arabic Translation: An Overview of Arabic Dialects

Don't let the title fool you; Arabic cannot be made easy. But we can shed some light on a few things if you are unsure about the Arabic dialects you should learn. Or if you are searching for Arabic translation services, we can lend a helping hand...
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What Is Diglossia and How Does it Affect Translation?

Derived from the Greek word διγλωσσία, which is defined as bilingualism, diglossia is a linguistic phenomenon in which a language has two varieties often labeled as a high variety ("H") and a low variety ("L").

The specialized meaning of the term...

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Arabic Content on the Internet: Is Something Missing?

Things to consider regarding the Arabic language: 22 countries, 420 million speakers, 2 continents and 1 language. It may come as a surprise to learn that there is a shortage of Arabic content on the seemingly infinite world wide web.

Arabic vs....

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Why is Arabic written from right to left?

When learning Arabic, the challenge begins as soon as you realize you have to flick the pages of your student book backwards. Unless you would like to proceed by reading the book from the end all the way to the beginning, you will have to...

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Lost in Arabic Native Translation

Some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients on a daily basis are: "which Arabic dialects do you translate into?" "what is your translator's native Arabic dialect?" "can you handle Gulf Arabic dialects for this particular project?"

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Need a human translator to translate English to Arabic?

"Can you provide professional Arabic translations? I need to translate legal documents from English into Arabic" or  "We have a website for which we need a quality Arabic translation" are some of the daily inquiries we receive from clients.


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