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Japanese Translation Website Services is very important, but why?

Though it may seem to us that English is the universal language of the Internet, there are many societies that are deeply rooted in their culture and language. People in these societies are a potential consumer or user base for many businesses, but they need to be looked after respecting  their cultural and of course language preferences. In the specific case of Japan, we should not even ask ourselves why having quality website Japanese translation services is important.

If companies and businesses are to successfully market their products and services, they must target their audiences by employing adequate language and communication tools to get their message across. Quality publications in your website become more and more important every day - and so much so if you focus your efforts in a multilingual effort to reach as many different people as possible. You will need to research keywords in languages you do not understand (read more in " Key concepts and terms in translation and multilingual services").

Nowadays, companies are required to explain their mission clearly and make available effective website content and reports. Their marketing communication and advertising must be understandable and communicate effectively. If you are target a market with a high buying power such as Japan, you have to realize the need for quality website Japanese translation services to reach consumers in Japan.


Japanese translations - Japan a country where the modern meets tradition


Quality website Japanese translation services will ensure that your content and message becomes more relevant in Japan. If you engage your consumers in Japanese, their native language, you can expect them to understand and respond effectively.

The era of globalization has created immense opportunities for online marketing and promotion and a lucrative online market for businesses to execute their marketing strategies. Quality website Japanese translations can play an elemental role in establishing a long-term relationship between you as the person effering a service and the Japanese consumer/buyer.

The importance of quality translations is increased when your Japanese website or online content has to include technical terms, such as those pertaining to the Japanese medical or Japanese legal field.

Nevertheless, the importance of Japanese quality translations is constantly growing as far as online marketing is concerned. Japan for instance, is one of the most powerful economies of today. The country is home to many respected and well-known multinationals and corporate giants such as Sony, Panasonic, and the Japanese automotive industry with manufacturers like Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, etc., is respected all over the world.

Having Japanese translations of your website content will enable you to access this market better and have more chances of establishing a work relationship. The Japanese economy is diversified and post-industrial, with a very large services sector. Manufacturing and the Service sectors dominate the economy with an average potential for growth. Japan is the world's third largest economy, equivalent to the GDP of France and Germany combined ( some $4,92 bn in 2014, representing 7,90% of the world's economy). Its GDP per capita was US$ 38 633 in 2014. Despite China having surpassed the Japanese economy, living standards and buying power are still not comparable. All Japanese population is literate and well-educated. Providing a Japanese version of all documents is a requirement for import.

There are approximately 127 million Japanese language speakers. Japan's lack of language skills makes it even more necessary to translate content into Japanese as consumers will be better able to relate to a Japanese website translations. There are also large Japanese-speaking communities in China and other Asian countries. These Japanese-speaking communities are an untapped consumer base and can effectively serve as buyers of your services and products. To make your marketing content more relatable to them, it is necessary to offer a quality website Japanese translations of your content to ensure better communication.

Furthermore, Japan has a very active Internet population, with one the highest Internet penetration rates of the world. Having more active online users means more potential users, buyers and consumers for you company. A Japanese language website version will be an invaluable tool for marketing, bringing your content closer to Japanese people. Quality Japanese translations provided by trustworthy and experienced Japanese translation services like Pangeanic provide companies more opportunities to adopt a more specific marketing approach and is one of the elemental tools of online marketing.