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Daitec Visits Pangeanic's Offices to Build Strategic Alliances

In an exciting meeting between leading companies in the fields of translation and technology, the renowned Japanese company Daitec visited our offices to find out more about our work and explore new business opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

This visit represents a significant milestone on the path to greater collaboration and opens the door to future strategic alliances. 

The Daitec delegation, composed of senior executives and experts in the field of machine translation, was welcomed by our team, who did everything to make them feel at home. During the visit, intensive work meetings were held where both companies were able to exchange ideas, share experiences and discuss possible areas of collaboration. 

The main topics covered included intelligent workflows, customized and quality machine translation, and our translation tools, PECAT (CAT tool) and ActivaTM (Translation memory).

Not only did they want to find out about our internal processes, but also about our development roadmap and how we could jointly implement ways to automate and streamline the translation of content, documents and communication for their clients. 

Daitec, recognized for its experience in the translation industry and its innovative approach to the development of technological solutions, expressed great interest in Pangeanic's capabilities and solutions. The Japanese company highlighted our reputation in the global translation market and our strong focus on the quality and accuracy of our machine translation solutions. 

On our side, we had the opportunity to present our latest innovations in the field of machine translation, including our advanced natural language processing (NLP) platform, ECO, which features machine translation, personal data anonymization, sentiment analysis, and more. We highlighted some of our success stories in various sectors (legal, industrial, engineering, fashion, etc.) as well as the benefit of a customized and adaptable approach to our tools to meet specific client needs. 

We both expressed our enthusiasm about the possible future collaboration. Different areas of synergy were explored, such as joint implementation of machine translation projects and joint research and development of new technologies. 

Don't worry, it wasn't all work. Not only did we give them a tour of our offices but we also had the opportunity to show them a bit of our culture and heritage. 


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So, on Saturday we went to Xaló (Jalón) to visit its famous antiques market. After that, we learned how to make a Valencian paella in Tormos and finished the day off with a delicious meal in La Vall de Laguart, with splendid views of the city of Denia.  

We also visited other locations around the city of Valencia, such as the historical center, the City of Arts and Sciences, Plaza Redonda, Plaza de la Reina, the Train Station, and more.  

In short, Daitec's visit was undoubtedly a great success. This strategic partnership has the potential to further drive innovation in the field of machine translation and offer cutting-edge solutions to consumers around the world. 

With this visit, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence in translation and technology and our interest in establishing the basis for a long-lasting and fruitful partnership for the benefit of both the industry and our clients. We both look forward to the future and the opportunities that this collaboration will bring.