Translate security transmission

What is your level of confidentiality?

Each document that Pangeanic receives is treated with complete confidentiality. At all levels of our service, we have strong security measures in place for the transmission of the data contained within each translation that we carry out. While there are customers for whom email delivery is sufficient, there are accounts and clients who need complete confidentiality and high security measures for data transmission in translation services. These are clients that require
  • Legal translations
  • Litigation
  • Pre-release marketing material
  • Technical documentation services of products that are not in the market yet
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical translations
  • Insurance industry
  • Software testing, etc.

  We are aware that in many cases we have to handle documents that are highly confidential or texts that have not yet been published even on a client's website. It may be information to which no external access is allowed and that cannot be made public under any circumstances.

computer hacker silhouette of hooded man with binary data and network security terms

Pangeanic has a private data transmission service at no extra cost to its clients. We call it "Client Portal" and it is also a means of communication with our linguists. So whether the translation is carried out in-house at our offices or by a freelancer, all communication and data transmission is highly encrypted. Our staff will create a user account on our client portal for you. We do not use cloud services but rather our own servers in our own facilities. If your work is done internally, you can rest assured that no files will leave our offices. When your translation is ready, you will receive an email indicating that you can download the translations directly from our servers using this high level of encryption. Any linguist not working in-house for us will receive a link to the files so communication is direct and encrypted. Our translation formats are such that even when working locally on a PC, our translators send the data at regular intervals to our servers. Through this portal, you can also upload your documents and transmission will be carried out with a high level of encryption. We have GlobalSign certification, with domain validation CA - SHA256 - G2. Every 24 hrs (or before if you specify) we make two backups on external hard drives.

  All of the information created as a result of your relationship with Pangeanic as a  translation agency is covered by our confidentiality agreements in compliance with ISO9001 and EN15038 standards. Pangeanic is audited every year in order to ensure compliance with the standards and that our data transmission is secure when providing translation services. Any terminology database or  translation memories that we need to create, review or share with our translators is also accessed in encrypted mode.