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Future-Proof with Technology your Business Development

Wondering how to future-proof business development with technology? A marketing strategy linked to localization has benefits beyond optimizing traffic for your target audience.

If you think that technology isn’t going to continue to revolutionize the way in which businesses work, compete and innovate, then you’re in for a big surprise. According to Mobile Business Insights, 61% of businesses with an active innovation strategy are using AI to uncover new data opportunities that other analytics solutions would have missed, and that’s just one area of tech. While it’s well-known that investing in multi-language digital marketing and localization is beneficial in optimizing traffic, there are a few other ways in which your company can use technology and digital marketing strategies to ensure you can thrive well into the future, even in an ever-changing digital world. The key lies in understanding the ways in which tech will revolutionize business in order to capitalize on the trends before they even happen.

The Automation of Business Activities

Worldwide, there are expected to be over 400,000 sales of industrial robots by 2019. This means that before the automation of business activities takes place, it is recommended that you map out your processes and involve your employees when making decisions about investments in new technologies. Artificial Intelligence and the capabilities it has reached in markets so far will also play a role in the automation of processes and general procedures, which is why it’s important to invest in the incorporation of the technology now to ensure you and your company have time to adapt and incorporate it before you fall behind.

The Continued Dominance of Video Marketing 

Video marketing is particularly important for industries and companies that market and cater to multi-cultural audiences. Diverse consumer markets are driving businesses to search for more ways to attract customers from a wide variety of backgrounds who speak various different languages. As the cost of production decreases and access to cameras and other equipment needed to film quality video marketing materials increases, more companies will continue to invest in video marketing as a way to visually attract diverse customers. While content localization will still play a big role in marketing, the ways in which companies go about localizing their content are expected to change and be more focused on visuals rather than text.

The Rise of Big Data

There’s no double that big data is already revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers, and that’s just going to keep increasing over time. To future-proof your business development with technology now, you’ll want to ensure that you not only have the computing power and capabilities to crunch massive amounts of data but that your team is equipped with somebody who can handle all of the work that goes into analyzing it. Big data will continue to provide opportunities to gain insights into the inner workings of your company, the market you cater to and how you can improve all of your offerings. Take advantage of this now to ensure that, by the time everybody is relying on big data to compete, you know exactly how to make it work for you and how to utilize the stats that come out of it.

Preparing for the Future

Just when you thought that localization was the key to the increasingly multicultural market, you realized just how much technology will impact that future of your business and the way in which you market to potential audiences. Seeing as there is no way to slow down the rapid way in which the business world is advancing through technology, you can begin now by investing in future-proofing your processes and strategies. It’ll pay off when you’ve got it all under control in 2030 and others are scrambling to compete with you, who decided to future-proof with technology your business development just on time.