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QA Distiller: New Version

A new version of QA Distiller was released by Yamagata Europe last month. The translation QA tool is very useful for large documentation checking, particularly when dealing with user manuals. You will find QA Distiller particularly interesting if you want to ensure coherence and consistency over many publications. A free (so far) alternative is Apsic's XBench, with our review here. The new features are
  • Automatic software updates
  • Batch processing from command line
  • Full results log file
  • Match rate displayed in error list
  • Checks for hard spaces
  • Support for TMX user fields
  • Support for TBX term status
  • Improved regular expression syntax
  • Better font handling in TTX files
  • Improved stability TMX editor
Although QA Distiller is a very good tool, we find that it can provide too many false positives in comparison to XBench. This leads to more checking time of strings that is not necessarily productive. Both tools provide great features and can include preferred terminology and positive and negative checks in order to customize the type of quality control checks.

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