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Easy translation with Pangeanic's plugins: the most powerful and efficient machine translation

If you need to translate a large amount of information or documents in a fast and practical way, Pangeanic's plugins and API are the ideal solution. We guarantee near-human quality machine translation based on customized engines, self-learning systems and artificial intelligence (AI).

How can our plugins and APIs help your business?

Pangeanic's commitment to machine translation using AI technology has materialized through the creation of the ECO platform, PangeaMT and ActivaTM. These projects have enabled us to develop methods that, through machine translation and deep learning, allow us to raise the quality of computer-assisted translation to a near-human level.

We are backed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in fields such as translation, AI, machine learning, computational linguistics, content management, pattern recognition and systems integration. This allows us to perfectly adapt to the needs of each client.  

AT PangeaMT, we have developed a number of plugins that the client can download from our platform and, depending on the services they have requested, enter the API code that we provide. They can then access the machine translation passively or, if they prefer, feed the search engines with more vocabulary and concepts to further refine and customize the translations.


Which companies benefit from using our plugins and API?

Pangeanic's plugins and API are particularly useful for two types of companies and organizations: those that need to quickly translate large amounts of information, often with multilingual needs, and those that are interested in delving into custom language engines. Pertaining to one of these two groups are:

  • Communication and advertising agencies
  • Commercial blogs
  • Financial companies
  • Platforms, websites and e-commerce stores
  • Producers of large amounts of content who need to automate their translation processes to obtain results and answers quickly
  • SEO companies
  • Translation agencies
  • Survey and opinion analysis companies.



The MT API and plugins in detail

Our API and plugins make machine translation access and use much easier for our clients thanks to their compatibility with leading translation tools, their powerful, efficient and flexible features and their easy use:


The CAT tools or translation tools on which we are currently integrated are the following:

  • Memsource. Platform that identifies content that can be automatically translated.
  • MemoQ. Increasingly used due to its advanced functionalities, such as flexible workflow management, customization or automated quality controls. 
  • SDL Trados. Veteran tool with more than 270,000 registered users, very efficient for the management and revision of specific terminology. 

Technical characteristics

Some of the most relevant technical features of our professional machine translation API are:

  • TMX loading from machine translation engines. 
  • Direct access to our platform from the client's CMS (content management system).
  • Customized machine translation engines based on the particular needs, type of content and field of application of each client.

PECAT, the Pangeanic translation tool

PECAT is a translation tool created by Pangeanic whose main feature is that it enables private work areas to be generated, thus allowing extremely high-quality translations to be produced in all aspects: accuracy, fidelity, style and creativity; also guaranteeing at all times the anonymization and protection of personal data and of the rest of the information. 

At the moment, PECAT is only used internally for Pangeanic's own translation work, but we are already working on enabling our clients to use it directly in the near future. Another upcoming feature of PECAT will be offering MTPE services (machine translation post-editing) through our ECO platform.

The main benefits, features and advantages of PECAT are:

  • Terminology control
  • Translation memory
  • The creation of a private work environment
  • Advanced quality control functions
  • Spelling and grammar checks
  • Repetition detection
  • Terminology control
  • The use of quality indicators (KPI)
  • Confidentiality and maximum information security
  • Dashboards and panels to facilitate the management and control of complex translation projects
  • Anti-"copy and paste" security feature to detect plagiarism and direct machine translations.


Pangeanic, the best choice for documents and text processing

ECO is our machine translation platform. Since it is not a translation tool, the user can access translation services without an API.

The ECO platform offers clients a novel adaptive machine translation system based on customized cognitive engines and AI systems. Thanks to this, it can mimic the terminology and style of users in just a few minutes or even in real time. What is the result of all this? The creation of translation engines capable of offering near-human parity.

In addition to the highest quality translations, ECO incorporates enterprise-grade anonymization and security techniques both in the client's installations and from Pangeanic's private cloud servers.

The great advantage of ECO is that the more you translate, the better the results, since the platform gradually recognizes the preferences of each client, the most used words and their style. Furthermore, the ECO platform automates workflows, optimizing one of the most precious assets of all companies and professionals: time. 

If you are looking for a fast translation service, a stand-alone anonymization system, a recurring translation and anonymization service in SaaS (Software as a Service), other language processing services, or analysis and organization of large amounts of data, the ECO platform is the ideal solution. It is a system that offers these integrated services or separately, always with a focus on the client's needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request a free demo and discover all the advantages you can benefit from with our ECO machine translation platform.

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