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How is good translation distinguished from bad translation

How can I tell a good translation agency from a non-professional agency?

“I need to translate important documents for me or for my business urgently. I cannot take the risk of using a translation agency which hires non-native translators or translators without appropriate expertise ends up giving a poor picture of what I want to say”.

We hear this often at Pangeanic. Our customers rely on our translation services for many reasons, but we do not want seem patronizing. We are listing here some features which distinguish a professional translation service: a translation agency in which you can trust from one you can’t.

What do I have to do to ensure I obtain a good translation?:

  • The translation agency has and can demonstrate an independent review processes besides the first translator as well as quality control processes. As it would happen with an exam, a printed catalog or a proposal , no work can be delivered unrevised. The same happens with translations. All translation work must be provided to the client with a proper revision or quality control process.

  • It has dedicated project managers who have managed hundreds of translation projects. Having translation project managers is the guarantee that experts will advise on how to solve your translation needs. Pangeanic provides solutions and you will save money.

  • Uses translation memory management programs or other databases to recycle similar texts that the client may produce in the future.

  • Uses terminology management software.

  • Uses several technologies depending on the needs, approach to the job and characteristics of the translation project.

  • It is a member of industry associations, federations and institutions in the translation field.

  • It can provide translation services in many different text formats.

  • It refers to itself as translation company or language service provider because it has applied work processes like any other commercial company, even though the term "agency" is the most popular.