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PangeaMT Technology LocWorld London 2013

Pangeanic will exhibit its PangeaMT machine translation technology at  Localization World London 2013 inside  ELIA‘s booth. Over the 3-day event, you will have a chance to meet our representatives and see for yourself how PangeaMT works and how easy it is to create translation engines, manage them and update engines, clean and segregate training material and of course obtain translation in portable and open formats (from TMX and XLIFF to xml-compliant docx, odt, html and ttx). The company’s CEO Manuel Herranz is also a guest speaker at the pre-conference day, where he will speak as part of the EU-sponsored MosesCore project, sharing the company’s experience in developing machine translation technologies and integrating them in a translation workflow, with a particular accent on translator acceptance and the change in mentality that becoming a post-editor represents to generations of trained translators. Becoming a founding member of  TAUS, and its spin-off the  Data Association made millions of bilingual texts available to Pangeanic, which triggered a technology investment in machine translation. Pangeanic became the first language service provider to successfully apply Moses as recorded by the EU research program  Euromatrixplus. Its ground-breaking DIY features were released two years ago, in 2011 and were “ahead of the times”. They are now part of some machine translation offers. Manuel will focus his talk on how machine translation is not only being adopted by technical departments, but also by project managers and even translators, who see the opportunity of customizing engines as another tool in their jobs.