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Data Anonymization Software: Discover Pangea Masker

Data anonymization software is an ally to all organizations or companies, helping them  comply with regulations, reduce risks, minimize liabilities, consolidate customer confidence, save time, and increase productivity. 

The software must be developed using advanced technology that allows it to adapt to the  unique characteristics of each company. In addition, it must allow information to be securely  shared with other organizations in any language.  

Pangea Masker covers all of this, and more. Discover everything that Pangeanic's data  anonymization software can offer your company. 

What is data anonymization software? 

Anonymization software is a technological tool that processes sensitive data stored and  used by a company or organization, so that it does not contain any personally identifiable  information (PII). 

It is a sophisticated system that accurately detects identifiers within a data set to alter or  remove them and ultimately generate an anonymized data output



Current uses of data anonymization software 

These days, anonymization or data masking tools are used to obtain non-identifiable  values that, at the same time, can be useful and shared or disclosed while complying with  privacy protection standards.  

Companies use these systems to perform data analysis in a secure manner and to  neutralize the negative impact of information leakage. 


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Its main applications 

Among the main applications of anonymization software is the processing of confidential  and personal data in: 

  • Banking institutions: anonymization must be used on data containing information  such as balances, social security numbers, account numbers, etc. 
  • Health insurance: for the protection of PII such as addresses, medical conditions, or  social security numbers, among other information.  
  • Public Administrations: data masking tools allow them to comply with the  transparency and availability of information, but without the risk of harming the  privacy of third parties. 
  • Hospitals and medical or healthcare companies: for the purpose of sharing or  publishing medical records, clinical results, scientific studies, etc. 
  • Legal, accounting or consulting services: to process legal documents and  proceed with their disclosure.


More information: Data Protection and Anonymization in the Context of Financial and Legal  Services 

Pangea Masker: Pangeanic's data anonymization software 

Pangea Masker is Pangeanic's data masking solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for  effective and secure anonymization

It is a system that automatically and accurately identifies PII to anonymize identifiers,  according to the settings, custom labels, and type of data masking selected by the user. 

Pangea Masker detects and anonymizes sensitive data categorized as direct identifiers (names, phone numbers, addresses, ID documents, etc.), and, if a more aggressive level of  de-identification is desired, it also allows the anonymization of indirect identifiers, such as  dates, employment information, religion, etc. 


Frequently asked questions about Pangea Masker 



The main features of Pangea Masker are as follows: 

  • It offers 5 different types of anonymization (data masking), allowing identifiers to  be replaced by means of: 

○ Data tags. 

○ Blank spaces. 

○ Temporary identifiers. 

○ Black lines. 

○ Asterisks.  

  • It allows flexible implementation (subscription, local, or API) and comes with a free  trial and subscription plans. 

  • It is multilingual. It offers the possibility of integrating machine translation into the  platform, with 25 languages available. 

  • It allows both permanent and reversible anonymization. It irreversibly removes the  identifiers, but has the option to repersonalize when the user deems it appropriate.

  • It has advanced features that allow: 

○ Training and configuration for the optimization of specific languages or  vocabulary. 

○ Cloning of AI for unique domains. 

  • It is compatible with many formats (using structured and unstructured data). For  example: 

Business applications, such as MS Office documents. 

Text files, such as PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets, or other formats  created in word processors. 

Data from social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.


What problems can it solve? 

Pangea Masker is a PII masking solution that allows companies, organizations, or Public  Administrations to: 

  • Comply with privacy policies with regard to personal information. This reduces the  risk of loss of customer trust and avoids fines or damage compensation costs. ● Securely share sensitive anonymized information within the organization or with  third parties. This reduces risks and streamlines communication, optimizes business  procedures, and increases productivity. 
  • Securely store data because it means bringing an additional layer of security to the  information. 
  • Increase efficiency when detecting and replacing PII, thanks to automation and the  use of AI, which also leads to reducing efforts and costs. 


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How to use Pangea Masker 

Pangea Masker is quick and easy to use. Simply enter the content to be anonymized and  check the basic settings: 

  • Select a language
  • Choose the type of anonymization or masking

ID tags: replaces data with tags. 

Substitution: replaces data with a temporary name. 

Gaps: replaces data with blank spaces. 

Redaction: replaces data with a solid black line. 

  • Select the sensitivity, which is the masking aggressiveness setting. ● Choose specific tags

In addition, this data masking solution allows the user to configure the reversibility of the  anonymization process for recovering the original values of the text. 

Pangea Masker: data anonymization software with competitive  rates 

Pangea Masker is a data masking tool with competitive and adjustable rates, according to  the type of implementation required: basic subscription, enterprise subscription, local  implementation, or API option to integrate into existing platforms. 

It also features a free sandbox and a 14-day free trial with the main features of the  software.


Data Anonymization Software

The advantages of Pangea Masker 

Pangea Masker offers the following advantages

  • It helps comply with worldwide privacy standards, such as the GDPR, APPI, HIPAA, or CCPA/CPRA. 
  • It allows maintaining the organization's privacy protocols in data management when  storing or sharing data. 
  • It optimizes the flow of information in the company's processes. 
  • It offers special solutions for public administrations in the European Union. ● It has integrated AI engines that can be trained, optimized, and cloned for unique  domains. 
  • It features advanced functionalities that allow you to adjust the level of anonymization  aggressiveness and optimize languages or vocabulary. 
  • It has the ability to mask (anonymize) and translate through the same platform. 

At Pangeanic, we help you optimize efficiency, manage risks, and protect your customers.  Contact us or request a demo of Pangea Masker to learn more about what it has to offer.


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