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5 factors to consider if you are looking for video game translation services

The video game industry is immersed in spectacular growth (more than 20% annually), both in sales and in new game development and, in countries such as the USA, it already exceeds the turnover of powerful industries, such as cinema or sports. 

As the entertainment industry is completely globalized, it requires game translation services so that language is not a barrier for a new release to be exported and gain users around the world.



What kind of companies can offer game translation services?


A video game is an extremely complex product, and the market in which it operates is highly globalized and highly competitive. Users demand the highest quality and, therefore, companies or agencies dedicated to video game translation services must be specialized and use experienced translators

In order to be successfully marketed in different countries and languages, a video game has to go through several stages of translation:

  • Translation of the game menu, buttons, instructions and tutorials.
  • Translation of dialogs, texts, numbers and all kinds of symbols that are part of the narrative: coins, traffic signs, information signs, billboards...
  • Translation of the game descriptions in its different versions: console, pc, mobile app, etc.
  • Translation and adaptation of content for SEO and other marketing and advertising actions.
  • Translation of user reviews.



What differentiates video game translation services?

The translation of video games is very complex because a wide range of issues need to be taken into account: technological aspects, specific vocabulary, game context, cultural issues in different countries, etc.

In addition, the video game translator must be skilled enough to translate different characters' dialogs, which implies, of course, not only a complete mastery of the original language, but also knowing the different accents or dialects and overcoming additional difficulties, such as several characters speaking at the same time. Music or sound effects can also complicate understanding of the characters' voices.  



 Game translation vs. game localization

Translation basically consists of transferring a text or dialog from one language to another as faithfully as possible. However, localization goes further, since it implies a cultural dimension

In the field of video games, localization is essential to be able to adapt the product to a specific country or region and thus provide the best experience to players around the world.

If the game is not localized, adapting it to each culture where it is to be marketed, there is a risk that the different nuances, the meaning of word games or idioms will not be understood. All of this works against the public acceptance and commercial performance of the product. 

Don't forget to check this list if you are looking for game translation services:


Taking into account what has been explained in the previous points, before hiring the services of a game translation company it is important to check that it meets the following requirements:


1. Certificates

The new ISO 17100 certification is the most up-to-date standard for translation services. Having this certificate guarantees that a translation agency follows the appropriate protocols and processes, and also that it has the necessary resources to comply with the legal and quality requirements currently demanded by the video game industry.


2. Previous experience in video game translation projects 

Checking that the agency that will carry out the translation has sufficient and demonstrable experience in video game translation is key, due to the complexity of the task and the multitude of factors that come into play in the project, including technical, legal and even cultural elements.


3. Knowledge of video game localization

Translating a game is not enough, you also have to take into account the target country's culture; this is what is known as localizing the game. 

If the customs of each country are not taken into account, its taboos and limits on compromising issues, such as sex or violence, potential consumers of the game may be offended or put off, and there may even be legal problems. 

Such a situation can lead to very negative results for the video game company, limiting its profits or even running the risk of the product being censored or banned in certain countries.


4. Comprehensive services including SEO, marketing and advertising   

To be successful in international video game marketing, it is necessary to use a complete and comprehensive translation service, which takes into account factors such as SEO to position it in search engines, or striking descriptions and hooks, which attract the attention of potential users or buyers of the product. In short, online and offline advertising and marketing actions also require quality translation and adaptation


5. Ability to meet all translation project needs 

The company you hire must be able to cover all needs and guarantee the quality of a project of this caliber: technology required, import and export of content, API automation or quality control, among others. 

Pangeanic offers complete game translation services


Pangeanic is a translation company with experience in video games since the 90s. Our portfolio includes translations of classic games such as Worms!, Manchester United European Championship, The Flintstones, The Lion King, and many more.

We have the most prestigious certificates, such as ISO 17100, the most up-to-date standard for translation services, or ISO 9001, for Quality Management Systems, among others. 

At Pangeanic, we take care of all phases of a video game translation project, giving the importance they deserve to localization and cultural adaptation. We take care of testing the different versions of games to ensure the best experience for users, in addition to 24/7 customer service in order to solve any problem or question as soon as possible. 


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