Webpage Translation Services for global exposure and credibility

When will you have a massive traffic on your website? As a stable online business, your answer will be - When visitors are able to get the information they are searching for on your website. You are absolutely right here. Your potential visitors will stay on your website only when the content is engaging, and is available in lucid, readable language. Your website content should be in the specific language of the target market you are focusing. You need to globalize your website by making your content available to millions of visitors worldwide. What can help you in doing so are professional website translation services. Think about it: how much would you spend in designing a catalogue, in promotional and marketing material, even on your website design… only to leave speakers of other languages unattended simply because they do not speak English well? Worst still, you may choose to save some dollars in translation and then publish versions in other languages that do not read well, with catastrophic results. It is fine to sound literal in technical translations when you are translating a technical operations manual, for example. However, marketing material requires a different approach, and translators need to be inventive sometimes, departing from the original in order to re-create metaphors, comparisons, images and the full message. Today when more than 80% people use the Internet to search information, products, services, movies, connections and for making a purchase, it is important for you to get your website content translated in the local languages of countries you want to target. The main advantages of website translation include increase in marketability, enhanced website traffic, more conversions and helping your business to take advantage of rapidly growing global market. There are several strategies to do so, and Pangeanic can help you to decide which is best for you. We have described in previous articles how to market your services using several websites with country domains (a multisite strategy) or how to centralize all the content and the different language versions in just one website (a multilingual strategy). Either has advantages and disadvantages, so ultimately it depends on you how you want to approach international sales. We recommend that you read about website translation here and get in touch with Pangeanic’s representatives in order to design a successful international translation web campaign. Multilingual Website Design Website translation services are a great help if you are trading or plan to trade globally. Each translation will allow you to reach global market beyond your expectations in terms of broader audience, increased sales and huge profits. You need to focus on the keywords that define your business and what separates you from the competition, what you do best than the others. Do not overdo keywords, write really informative documents and order a website translation of the most relevant articles and pages. A professional website translation service should also be able to manage your publication and either automate the publication of translated articles or at least take the pain of publishing in other languages from you. Managing multilingual and multisite websites is also becoming a task for savvy translation companies with the right knowledge and expertise. The services will heighten your business to true international heights. Before you hire translation services, you should make sure you are specific about your needs. You should begin with a market research. You should make a list of countries you want to target. For example, if you want to target China and France, you need to get your website content translated into Chinese and French. If you are in search of target countries, you need to check out what languages are spoken in those countries. You should get all the web pages translated so that you are providing every information that the visitors are looking for. Whatever type of business you are running; website translation will boost your online visibility. Not only your products and services will hit the global stage, your business will also see endless possibilities of growth as you transcend your home market. Users and consumers use the Internet to search even for local services like looking for an electrician or plumber, even to look for the good restaurants and places to see. So why not open your services and target consumers in Germany, in France, in Spain, Latin America, in Norway, Russia or Japan? There is a saying in management that says that we are our biggest obstacles for our own growth, that we impose limits on what we can do. Sometimes we so much prefer to security of our home domestic market that we miss the big picture and the many chances awaiting for us in so many other markets in the world. Website translation services are a boon for businesses that want to perform well globally and diversify their income. But at the same time it is also important that professional translation services are chosen. A professional service provider offering these services can only meet up to the expectations. How you will identify whether the translation vendor you have located is ideal for your business or not? Very simple! A little bit of research can help you in locating a professional company. Look at their record, not just their list of clients but also the intangibles: will they be able to offer monthly metrics? For example, how many words you have translated per month, per language? Will you have your own client portal? And very importantly, will the translation company assign just one Project Manager who will know your needs and offer you advice whenever needed? A professional translation company will have a team of knowledgeable and experienced translators who will understand your business motives. Numbers (thousands of translators) may be impressive, but you really only need a few and a good quality assurance system to have the job done. You need to search this kind of vendor. The Internet too will help you in locating a professional company. Several translation companies have online presence with great interactive websites. You can take help of these websites to find out whether the vendors you have shortlisted are professional or not. So, make sure you do proper research before hiring website translation services. This will benefit your business.