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What has Pangeanic been up to in 2022?

Join us on this tour to rediscover our best 2022 events.

Why is attending events so important?

Taking part in events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. is a great opportunity for both employees and the company. Participants can expand their knowledge, see what is being done in the market, and network with other professionals from the industry or other fields. Sharing ideas and innovations can benefit everyone involved. 

Approach and types of events

Each event requires a different communication strategy to adapt the message to the specific audience. This year, due to the increased interest in GDPR compliance, we mainly focused on promoting our anonymization tool, Masker.

The growing need for content anonymization and pseudonymization has led different companies to dedicate their time and effort to improving and innovating relevant services. Attending the WAICF (Cannes), DES (Malaga), Semantics Conference Series, LT-Innovate (Vienna), GDS Banking Digital Summit - Masterclass (Online), AI Summit NY (New York), etc., has allowed us to gage the interest, demand, and need for certain tools in order to continue offering the service that best suits our clients' needs.

And of course, we can't put aside our language technologies, in which we use artificial intelligence and natural language processing combined with human creativity to deliver quality translations in record time.


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This technology has not stopped evolving either; experts continue to innovate, and we do not want to be left behind. The events, conferences, masterclasses in which we have participated this year, such as AMTA (Orlando), MTM (Prague), EAMT (Belgium), Swiss Text (Switzerland), etc., and projects, such as the Europeana project we are woprking on, inspire us to continue developing this technology that has so much to offer.

Still, it is worth noting that even if we are focusing on one product or service, we provide a wide variety of solutions, such as data for AI, text classification, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition (NER), etc., that are always of interest to our clients and that we never abandon. 

Attending events this year has allowed us to build a global vision of what the industry is working on and join forces to apply new knowledge to our solutions. We are always open to any kind of request from our clients and that is why talking about what we do will always give visibility and opportunities to the company.

The importance of visibility

For companies that provide services and that do not always have a tangible product, attending events, talks, conventions, masterclasses, etc. is of great value, not only to give presentations or hold stands, but even just to meet and network. Talking about the company, being seen, being asked questions, or making connections... every little helps to communicate and promote a product or service that many companies, associations, or individuals may need, but not be aware of. 

Thanks to the company's growth, every year we attend a large number of events, to which we not only send sales representatives, but also other profiles prom different departments who can take the opportunity to develop their knowledge and abilities to benefit us all. 


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Digital Summit Valencia, was an event focused on startups, in which presentations were given on different applications of AI in the digital world. Members of our technology department attended the conference along with our sales and marketing director to learn about the market and look for new opportunities.



Another similar event was the PERTE Alliance Forum which members of our team attended, giving a presentation of the company, what we offer, and our future projects. Our finance department also attended the Valencia Economic Forum "Economy of Opportunities" to learn about companies and their operations from forward-thinking panelists. The main focus of the event was on the leap to a digital economy. 

Additionally, our collaboration with charitable organizations is very important to us. It enables us both to help with relevant causes and to promote our values. This year, we worked with organizations such as the YMCA and Translators without Borders, always with the aim to help in any way we can and to do our bit for society.

Pangeanic in events

At Pangeanic, any time is a good time for learning, and we take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way. This year, we have had the pleasure of attending more than 12 events where we were able to share our solutions, projects, and ideas with industry professionals and experts, as well as connect with companies and individuals interested in our products and professional services in natural language processing. This would not have been possible without a team willing to travel around and step out of their comfort zone. We are proud to say that this year has provided us with a lot of knowledge and experience, and we hope to keep participating in this type of endeavor in order to continue growing.

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