Website Translation Services to communicate globally and effectively

The digital world is ever growing and the need for translation services is unstoppable.The World Wide Web has become the focal point for searching information, goods and information. Looking at the current behavior of the online world, it has become vital for businesses to translate their websites. Multilingual websites help in expanding client base, reaching out to larger audiences which means increasing traffic to your website, leads and converssions and thus securing greater sales volumes. Translations boost traffic to websites and exports There are many reasons why you need a Website Translation today rather than later. Let us discuss here a few of the important reasons. A move from English Internet users to other languages You may think your website is helping you reach globally to a large customer base. But, you are mistaken here. Although the Internet started in the US connecting a few Universities and later on the military, things have moved on and what used to be conceived as secret means of communication for the military is the means of communication for everyone. But there are many people who do not speak English in many parts of the world. They speak, read, understand and communicate daily only their local languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese. So it is important to offer a professional translation of your website in the language of the market you are focusing for your business. Internet penetration is very highly among European countries. Most users now access the Internet from mobile devices (40% of all traffic). In some Arabic countries, mobile access is the only way people have to access the world wide web, so having a responsive design becomes even more important. Also, in many African countries, French, Portuguese and English continue to be common languages people communicate in so it makes a lot of sense to target those languages as well for global exposure. Access to new users and customers When you translate your website into several languages, you will provide knowledge to new a new large audience, new visitors and customers. When your website is accessible to thousands of visitors worldwide, you have the golden opportunity to showcase your business globally. You can automatically capture the attention of non-English speakers who are typing the keywords you have used for your kind of products and services. For example, translating your app into just 5 languages can make it popular with 80% of those who have access to the Internet. The Chinese market share alone comprised 12% of global mobile games revenue in 2013.