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PECAT: Pangeanic's Secret Weapon

At Pangeanic, we have developed PECAT, a cloud platform focused on improving our internal team’s work. PECAT stands out with its versatility, easy interface, and high-quality performance, as well as being very powerful and secure.

PECAT: powerful and simple online translation

PECAT is the ideal tool for working on both individual and group translation projects. It is intuitive and flexible, allows great control over the workflow, and adapts to the user's needs. Another of its great advantages is that it does not require any prior technical knowledge.

With PECAT, the team of translators and proofreaders can work in parallel with great ease and efficiency. The target text and the source text are displayed side by side, with the latter locked in order to avoid inadvertently modifying it.

In addition, PECAT allows segments of the translation that are not correct to be marked with transcodes, deleting them from the final file without the need to remove them from the bilingual file. In this way, the archive file remains intact.

It is possible to filter segments according to their status, depending on whether or not they have error messages in the Auto-QA. They can also be filtered by terminology, both in the source text and in the target text. This allows the user to work on a given range of segments. 


PECAT: Enjoy a perfect translation environment

The PECAT platform enables private work areas, with functionalities and features that make it the ideal environment for perfect translations in terms of accuracy, fidelity, quality, style, and creativity.

This is a summary of PECAT's features and advantages:

  • A private work environment, which guarantees information confidentiality and security.

  • It incorporates panels and dashboards that allow complex translation projects to be managed and controlled at a glance.

  • Greater flexibility. As a multiplatform tool, the team can work whenever and wherever they want using the mobile version.

  • Improved feedback between translators and proofreaders, since they can work at the same time, optimizing communication from a very early stage of the project. For example, the translator can receive corrections while working on a project (they are locked, but the translator can consult them and use them as a reference). This allows us to improve the quality of the translation, solve problems on the go, and avoid delays in the final delivery. 

  • Dynamic procedures. By working on the basis of translation units, it is possible to quickly reassign work. For example, a translator can request that part of the workload be entrusted to another team member at an early stage of the project, avoiding delivery delays.


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Focusing on creativity

One of the great advantages of PECAT is that it allows translators to concentrate on creativity. With PECAT, creating data and automatically translating others in parallel is possible. That is, it allows simultaneous multitasking: the translator can be generating and handle a part of the information, while other data are being processed automatically.



Simple, intuitive, and functional features characterize the PECAT platform. This makes it a visual tool with well-organized and structured panels and dashboards. The user can, at all times, have a complete and clear view of where the project stands, its progress, or difficulties.


Perfect for mass data creation

The PECAT tool adds speed, fluidity and efficiency when managing large amounts of data thanks to its multitasking functions, the possibility of creating parallel data, or working on and exporting documents in multiple formats.


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What can PECAT do for you?

The main benefits of PECAT are related to its ability to enhance creativity, transcreation, and data processing. PECAT is valuable in creating an ideal environment for achieving great results in translation and language processing work. 


The Dashboard provides translation project managers or coordinators with useful information via API, such as, for example:

  • Number of registered and active users.

  • Classification by type of user

  • Number of active projects

  • The total number of jobs in progress, ordered by type: annotation, evaluation, revision, or translation.


Assuring quality with the QE Score

PECAT has its own Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for scoring, as objectively as possible, the quality of its translations: the Quality Estimation (QE) Score, a system that establishes a matrix used to define the different types of problems detected in a translation (accuracy, style, etc.) and their seriousness (critical, major, etc.).

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A secure platform

Pangeanic is one of the few companies in the language technology and translation services industry that is Information Security ISO27001 certified, including all of its remote operations.

This ISO standard establishes very strict requirements that define how to implement, monitor, maintain and continually improve the management system. It also serves as a guide for executing a series of best practices in aspects such as documentation, responsibility sharing, availability, data access control, security, auditing and corrective and preventive measures.

Having this prestigious certification is a great achievement and of the utmost importance. It means extra security and peace of mind for users of the PECAT platform, a tool that handles a lot of data, some of which is private or sensitive.

Handling information securely and implementing the most advanced security and data protection measures guarantees anonymity, preventing such information from being accessed by any unauthorized party.

With PECAT, both translators and clients can focus their efforts on their work and the proposed objectives, as it is a fully reliable platform where the information is always secure and adequately protected.

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