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Pangeanic Launches v2 Document Translator and Anonymization Solution

Pangeanic today announced the upgrade of its NLP ECO Platform to version 2.

This update includes multilingual anonymization services in English, Spanish, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. The service can be used in conjunction to its traditional  document translator and private machine service. Operations for instant translation and document processing began in 2019, when the platform also merged Pangeanic’s translation API. ECO was recently upgraded to offer  Deep Adaptive Machine Translation – the next generation of adaptive systems which is proving to close the gap with human parity. Deep Adaptive was recently introduced at a  GALA Webinar and has captured academic attention after its paper publication ( A User Study of the Incremental Learning in NMT) in 2020.  With Deep Adaptive, users can easily customize clone engines using Pangeanic’s massive parallel resources and have specialist MT engines in production in minutes. These engines are now behind the company’s Document Translator v2. The ECO platform has been designed for language professionals and multilingual content producers who understand the need for efficient and speedy content management with their own. Now, deeply adapted engines can offer both quality translations with enterprise-grade security with servers in Europe, the US and Japan together with  anonymization services. Get to marry Anonymization [Data Masking] and Deep Adaptive Machine Translation ECO features a modern, minimalistic UI for busy project managers as well as Deep Adaptive AI capabilities,  ISO27001 Information Security policies and cloud-based data security infrastructure. Documents can be bulked and batched for API document translation or translated through a drag-and-drop panel, keeping the original format. Pangeanic’s ECO Platform is the best combination for several NLP processes to be applied efficiently to content with enterprise-grade security and in use, for example by the Spanish Tax Office or infrastructures giant FCC. “We are extremely excited to marry Anonymization [Data Masking] and Deep Adaptive Machine Translation. Many clients have requested a secure system that could handle both document translation systems and anonymization in a secure environment”, said Virginia Virino, Head of Sales and Marketing. “Our ECO Platform has been designed to create an NLP ecosystem where clients can pick and choose a process or integrate them all. With enterprise customers in mind, we are looking forward to linking to platforms requiring custom MT and anonymization services. ECO is the result of years of R&D and our AI processes help increase productivity, reduce costs, and simplify content management and complying with increasingly relevant privacy laws” adds Manuel Herranz, CEO.  

Discover everything ECO can do for your business:

Designed for enterprise, legal firms, content producers and language professionals in mind, ECO by Pangeanic provides simplicity for users worldwide across many verticals, reducing admin costs with simple monthly subscription packages.
  • Easily configurable bulk / batch document translation via Pangeanic’s powerful Translation API.
  • SaaS and on-premises Deep Adaptive MT and anonymization services.
  • Drag-and-drop documents for instant translationor copy+paste text in a private translation panel.
  • Full document translations and anonymization preserve original formatting.
  • Translation Memory add-onto also leverage previous language data to enhance quality.
  • Terminology management.
  • Distributed cloud-based infrastructure in 3 jurisdictions with enterprise-grade security.
  • Easy-to-understand subscription modelsfor MT and anonymization with transparent and scalable monthly pricing plans – full predictability.
“I’m very proud to count with such a unique team of AI and Machine Learning experts with years of experience in pattern recognition, statistics applied to several NLP fields. PangeaMT, Pangeanic’s technical division works tirelessly to enhance our Machine Learning capabilities in fields that are transforming our industry: from automated tagging for synthetic data to Deep Adaptive Machine Translation or augmented anonymization as is the case in our ECO v2”, says Amando Estela, CTO.  “Our approach to AI is deeply rooted in keeping high standards of security and privacy for our clients. We became ISO27001 Information Security certified in 2020 and that philosophy permeates all our interactions with clients and of course how we manage information and communications internally. Our anonymization tool Masker is based on the highest standard of data privacy and is designed to help organizations share information in the most secure way, complying with privacy laws.”