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Pangeanic Solves ChatGPT's Privacy Problem With its Anonymization Layer, Masker

At Pangeanic, we are the industry leader in providing NLP solutions to institutions, government and enterprises. Today, we are announcing the integration of OpenAI's GPT on our platform.  Users can access some of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) features like text summarization, among others, whilst combining our own anonymization and data masking solution as a wrapper so no personal details (or named-entity details) are transferred from one part to another.  

The ability to leverage ChatGPT or other LLMs in their current and future releases with the tools and workflows of our NLP platform offers users the power to choose and combine AI approaches to create valuable insights and new value-added processes. 

Our CEO, Manuel Herranz, said: "As NLP developers and integrators, we want to offer our clients the choice of state-of-the-art technologies in an environment that provides full respect for privacy through our Masker data masking solution. With this integration, we not only ensure that our clients can use the current, popular ChatGPT version but also future versions.

Pangeanic focuses on AI techniques that deliver value and our ECO platform is designed for the real-world needs of governments and enterprises. We help institutions and corporations to translate millions of documents with custom engines, mask data using full anonymization or pseudonymization techniques, classify information, and extract knowledge from data.

Our users can now benefit from not using prompts but document summarization through our customization to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and do so safely, not revealing any personal details. Pangeanic delivers accuracy, governance, and return on investment, taking language inputs to build AI-powered solutions. We will continue to be at the forefront of the market as Large Language Models evolve."    

Manuel continues: “New Large Language Models like ChatGPT are appearing by the day, and we are happy to see that the potential of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is becoming popular at all levels, receiving the attention it deserves. For many years, we have focused on solving one of the hardest challenges of humanity: language communication.

All that experience is completely transportable to other NLP areas. In 2020, every person on Earth sent 1,7Mb of personal data per second to 5G and 4G and other networks: from our homes and our wearables. Most of that data contains personal details. 


Using multiple AI approaches in full NLP workflows 

Our mission is to combine the best of AI with human ingenuity, and we are convinced that this hybrid approach can deliver the best results for NLP applications. AI does what it does best, at scale, whilst humans remain the ultimate evaluators and decision-makers, in a virtuous learning circle. 

Our CTO, Amando Estela (The CTO as of June 8th is Konstantinos Chatzitheodorou) stated: "There is a growing recognition that language is becoming a crucial use case for AI. Although generative language models are making amazing progress, businesses and corporations need to move beyond the hype and understand how to best use AI to solve real problems while preserving privacy and complying with legal regulations."

Over the last few years, we have been a favorite choice for organizations looking for custom machine translation, anonymization and pseudonymization of data, knowledge extraction, named-entity recognition, data labeling, and data-for-AI developments.

We are making a name for ourselves among Gartner analysts with our focus on privacy in all our NLP processes.  


You can register for a demo of the different NLP capabilities of the ECO platform:

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Updated on 06/21/2023.