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Virginia Virino: a business view of natural language processing

Translation services are becoming increasingly important for companies operating in different markets with different languages. These enable smooth and fast communication between markets that do not share the same language. We spoke to Virginia Virino, Sales Director at Pangeanic, about how the artificial intelligence (AI) industry is doing and what opportunities companies can benefit from to take their businesses further by reducing costs and resources.   

Artificial intelligence, a sector full of opportunities to be exploited

"The industry is offering more opportunities than ever , our presence in the Spain Pavilion has given us a clear vision of the exciting and innovative seeds that have been sown in our country. If I remember correctly, this edition grew by more than 10 new exhibiting companies , joining the more than 30 we already had at MWC 2021," explains Virginia, who adds that at this event they were able to interact with companies from France, Japan, Colombia and the United States.  Evidently, and apart from the worrying war situation we are currently experiencing in Europe, which is also present in the technological environment, the final stretch will focus on everything related to cybersecurity, data security and all the tools that constitute a concern for privacy, Virginia tells us.

"Companies that do not reconsider incorporating tools that improve their communication will be doomed to failure."

Language is the engine of people and artificial intelligence allows us to manage it effectively and in a timely manner. Therefore, " companies that do not reconsider incorporating tools that improve their communication in an increasingly global ecosystem, will be doomed to failure, or else to carry out increasingly slower and more costly processes that will make them less competitive," says Virginia.  

 The first steps into the world of AI

One of the questions companies are asking themselves is how to get started in the world of artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that the digitization of companies also involves people and workflows with an open vision; just look at the number of rural hubs that are jumping on the technology bandwagon to optimize resources.  Virginia explains that technology companies also offer proximity, services and products that are flexible, in order to understand the expectations of different customers fleeing from standard products with no guarantees. "We continue to perceive service as an important added value and that's what sets us apart. We have competitors for whom listening to the expectations and circumstances of each sector is not a priority. We do so with every company that becomes a client, it's essential," she says.
  Technology offers many opportunities related to language processing, but companies do not always know how to take advantage of them. There is still a lot of unawareness about the multitude of ways language solutions can be applied.  Virginia mentions that there are departments within companies in sectors such as legal, finance, purchasing or marketing that know perfectly well that in translation, as well as in anonymization, summarization or data annotation, to give just a few examples, Pangeanic's tools are the perfect allies . However, other sectors are still discovering the many options open to them. The facilitation of communication in import/export, the guarantees of document transmission and storage complying with all the rules of the GDPR (avoiding the fines that not taking these regulations into account at European and international level could incur) and the classification of documents are some of the opportunities that help to generate business in a faster way.

"The guarantees of document transmission and storage complying with all the rules of the GDPR are some of the opportunities that help generate business"


What can Pangeanic do for your business? Opportunities and solutions for companies

Document anonymization and pseudonymization was the most in-demand service at Mobile World Congress 2022. Regulations are being tightened and companies do not want to take unnecessary risks. All confidential information, including sensitive data from users, suppliers and/or customers, is no longer a headache for companies, thanks to Pangeanic's services. Pangeanic offers the opportunity to test the services with a non-binding free trial: "Having companies entrust their current needs regarding the documents and communication they handle on a day-to-day basis for a couple of weeks is the perfect way to test the results of our services, " explains Virginia. By doing so, users can learn about machine translation and anonymization tools, among others. In addition, they can take advantage of the results: saving time, money and reinforcing their security.

Debunking myths about machine translation: benefits and limitations

Machine translation does not work for everything. Just as television, cinema and theater, or junk food and home cooking coexist; there are occasions in which professional human translation remains essential . For example, in the transcreation or translation of a novel or an opera, machine translation is not enough. 

"There are occasions in which professional human translation remains essential"

"We are more aware of this than anyone because we have decades of recognized experience in the translation industry as a Language Service Provider (LSP) . The world as we know it cannot function without instantaneous communication , to help understand a question, or a chatbot in any language in the world or in any time and geographic zone," adds Pangeanic's Sales Manager.   Finally, Virginia explains how communication is humankind's great social accomplishment and machine translation (MT) will help to democratize it. "We are working to improve it and make it faster, to reach more people in less time, and to lower the cost by almost 70 % in contrast to what it would be without AI; that's our mission," she concludes.