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The Language of Business. The business of Language (GALA)

With the motto “The Language of Business. The business of Language”, Gala will hold its 10th annual congress, which will take place in Boston (US) from March 13th to 16th. Gala_2018 This symposium will attract leaders from both the translation industry and the localization industry: large and small translation service providers, technology and software developers... Attendees will exchange ideas and information, discuss best practices and boost the development of the industry in general. Bearing in mind that 66% of those who attend GALA conferences are usually senior executives, this means that the conferences become an important meeting place for thought leaders and those responsible for making decisions. Manuel Herranz, our CEO, will attend this event to talk about the European project IADAATPA (Intelligent Automatic Domain Adapted Translation for Public Administrations), which is currently being developed at Pangeanic along with other companies. What is iADAATPA?Logo de iADAATPA The aim of this project is to offer a highly secure and scalable platform for providing an automatic service delivery that’s capable of incorporating, expanding and making use of the current EU automated translation platform (MT@EC). This will help to promote the use of the Automated Translation Building Block by easing its integration into transnational European digital services. Likewise, it will be used as a success case for future implementations carried out on a local, regional or national scale by various entities. The initiative will incorporate state-of-the-art machine translation engines adapted to the domain and field of each translation, based on statistical and neural networks which will be displayed and tested by Public Entities collaborating with IADAATPA in those countries that have begun working on the project: Spain, the Irish Republic and Latvia. These Public Entities will validate the platform, secure connections and services. It’s worth noting that the platform will provide an automatic mechanism for comparing the quality of machine translation engine translations, using technology developed by OTLaunchPad, a project which was previously financed by the EU. IADAATPA will use intelligent domain adaptation, which will guarantee that translation requests are directed to the most suitable and relevant machine translation engine. It will also provide a control panel that will display performance and routing statistics in order to validate the machine translation engine’s best correlation with the type of content to be translated. It will allow synchronous and asynchronous access, as well as offer document and segment translation services, broadening the capabilities of the current MT@EC translation service. This will abide by the electronic form of delivery service (eDelivery), using current e-SENS AS4 (Domibus) safe components to guarantee a protocol between the DSIs (Digital Service Infrastructures) and the four machine translation service providers belonging to the consortium. This will ensure that IADAATPA is deployed through other digital services, by other neuronal or statistical machine translation providers and technology developers through the successful implementation of this initiative.