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PangeMatic begins operation

PangeMatic (Pangeanic’s own machine-translation engine) begins operation. A TMX MT workflow has been established initially in Spanish, French and Italian, with German expected during early April. The development is geared towards large translation users and buyers within the professional and consumer electronics industries, automotive industry, engineering/technical descriptions and user manuals. Its main feature is the provision of a parser which accepts tags like usual CAT tools instead of working only in plain text as most MT applications do nowadays. This helps Pangeanic feed text straight from a CAT tool directly to the MT engine for pretranslation and importing it for post-editing, saving considerable amount of time in processing texts for rapid deployment. The parser follows tmx standards, as well as expected tags from usual word-processing applications and standard DTP programs. Pangeanic has begun operations in MT for their regular clients and expects to develop other customized engines for the software and patent domains (English < > Spanish).

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