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Pangeanic, member of the Big Data Value Association

One of Pangeanic's main accomplishments is becoming a member of the Big Data Value Association , currently the non-governmental organization focused on developing big data analytics projects of major international importance.

What is the Big Data Value Association?

In 2014, the Big Data Value Association ( BDVA ) was formed with the aim of promoting projects that revalue the importance of Big Data through two major strategic axes:
  • Strengthening the competitiveness and leadership of both suppliers and users of Big Data. 
  • Creating an innovation ecosystem to facilitate the digital transformation of companies and society in general, through the development of all kinds of advanced technologies based on Big Data and artificial intelligence.

What does it mean to be a member of the BDVA?

At present, the BDVA has more than 230 members at European and international level. Among them, we can find important multinationals , such as: Atos, Siemens, Intel, SAP, Huawei, NEC, Philips, Orange and Nokia. But there is also room for small and medium-sized companies, technology and research centers, universities and even user associations.  As a whole, the BDVA is made up of a large group of heterogeneous firms in terms of size and sector of activity, making up a very balanced group where all types of organizations with diverse objectives and interests are represented. Belonging to this non-profit association means getting involved in and committing oneself to a major international project that is divided into multiple sectors and whose mission is to make use of the possibilities of Big Data and digital transformation. The main objectives of the BDVA are to strengthen the competitiveness of companies and improve the performance of organizations, seeking to achieve maximum benefits not only economically but also socially.  

The BDVA's areas of work and specialization

The BDVA works on multiple aspects of the data value chain to give visibility to and promote the positive impact of different solutions based on data analysis in different industry sectors. Currently, more than 30 projects are being carried out, and many of them are highly complex and require the joint participation of companies, institutions and collaborators from different sectors. In addition, the BDVA is open to new members and projects, with the aim of continuously enriching the data analysis ecosystem and integrating a greater number of work areas and specialties. One of the priorities of the BDVA is to foster cooperation among multiple partners, with the objective of leveraging joint use of tools and knowledge sharing to develop applications and services of greater value and at the service of all. 

Pangeanic and BDVA, creating an innovation ecosystem

Pangeanic is a high-value technology company based on "data", hence the importance of belonging to a reference organization such as the BDVA, which has the mission of developing an innovation ecosystem to enable digital transformation in Europe , on the basis of two interconnected pillars: Big Data and artificial intelligence.  
  The relationship between Pangeanic and the BDVA could not be more fruitful and beneficial for both parties. Pangeanic provides its experience and knowledge in the technological field and, in return, they give us a boost and the opportunity to collaborate with large companies and universities. It is therefore a matter of joining forces and creating synergies to continue to grow and create products and services based on data analysis that are increasingly useful and efficient.