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How Much Do Translators Make?

Are you an aspiring translator hoping to hit the jackpot with your translator salary? Or a potential translation student wondering "how much do translators make?" The myths about the highest paying translation languages can scare potential clients away and lure many linguists in. Read on to find out more about languages that will land you the most profitable translation jobs.

How much do translators make on average?

The profitability of language translation depends on various factors that can significantly impact its value in the market. Location and specialization are key variables that can tip the scales in favor of or against translators. It is essential to acknowledge that not all fields carry the same level of profitability. For instance, medical translation can offer a lucrative translator salary, as can legal or financial translation. However, translators' earning potential varies depending on their location.

The highest paying translation languages in the United States may differ from those in the United Arab Emirates, as language demand and competition vary. For instance, Arabic is highly valued in the USA due to its scarcity, making English-Arabic translators in the USA less competitive compared to their counterparts in the UAE, where Arabic is more commonly spoken. Since Arabic is not commonly learned in the USA, the pool of translators fluent in both Arabic and English is relatively small. As a result, individuals with proficiency in both languages may face less competition for translation jobs in the USA. 

Consequently, location plays a crucial role in determining the salary of translators, which we will delve into further in this article, focusing on the highest paying translation languages for aspiring translators in the USA. What are the highest paying translation languages?


The sky-high demand for the German language is showing no sign of decreasing. It is perfectly understandable that it is one of the highest paying translation languages since Germany is an economic superpower. This European country can provide its translators with some of the highest paying translation jobs as well as endless job opportunities. Additionally, German is extremely hard to learn as a second language, which means positions are not fulfilled that easily. To answer the question of "how much do translators make?", a German translator salary in the USA can reach an average of $50,000. 

How much do translators make?


France is one of the largest world economies and a leading destination for foreign investment. French is an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts. It is also the language of the three cities where the EU institutions are headquartered: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg. It is no surprise French is one of the highest paying translation languages with an average translator salary of around $19.49 per hour.

How much do translators make?



The demand for Arabic and English speaking translators has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Those who are fluent in Arabic and English have the opportunity to compete for a large number of job vacancies that cannot be fulfilled based on local supply. Data from the American Translators Association showed that a few years ago the average Arabic translator salary hovered at around 19 cents per word. 

How much do translators make?



China has been expanding its reach all over the world over the past few years and many companies are Chinese-owned. Mandarin is considered one of the highest paying translation languages thanks to the Chinese economic boom. This is because it grants business owners a direct access to the staggering Chinese market. The surge in demand for Chinese translators has given the translator salary a huge boost, averaging around $30 an hour. 

How much do translators make?



In conclusion, the profitability of language translation is influenced by factors such as location, specialization, and field of expertise. While certain specializations and language pairs can be lucrative, the earning potential of translators varies based on their geographic location. Considering these factors is crucial for translators seeking to maximize their income in the translation market.

If you are a translation buyer and need your documents or content translated into several languages, you may consider reaching out to a translation agency. They will be able to coordinate the different linguists, regardless of location, and provide you with a complete service. Their pool of expert, tried-and-tested translators will mean you will never wait too long for your translations.

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