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Business terms translation from english to arabic

We have the internet to thank for connecting people around the globe, but it is also the number one catalyst for international business growth. The internet enables companies to reach their potential customers through their website and online activities. Although many companies choose to use English as their main language of communication, there are many internet users who prefer to converse in their native language. This is when companies start to feel the need to seek professional translation services. Communicating their services in English only is standing in the way between them and their potential customers who cannot find them because they are hitting the search bar in their languages. An example of these companies are the hundreds of clients at Pangeanic who turn to us for English to Arabic translation services.


How accuracy can make or break a business deal

How English to Arabic translation services benefit your business

The idea of providing your website in English is not a bad start at all. However, think of the 206 million native speakers you are overlooking by not providing your services in Arabic. There are potential customers who might be in desperate need of your services, but cannot find you because they cannot speak English or prefer to communicate in their mother tongue. The vast number of Arabic speakers should be enough to tempt any business owner to seek English to Arabic translation services. Another important benefit from this practice is that the Arabic language is highly underrepresented on the internet, which gives you a golden opportunity to stand out in the crowd (read more about this matter here: https://www.pangeanic.com/knowledge_center/arabic-content-internet-unfilled-gap/). Most companies make the mistake of providing their services in English only because this language enjoys the status of the "lingua franca". Unfortunately, according to Babbel, only 1,5 billion people in the world speak English. This means only 20% of the world population can read and understand the content of this article right now. Additionally, there is no guarantee that internet users who speak English as a second language are indeed searching for services or products in English.

How to reach out for English to Arabic translation services

There are many companies providing professional translation services that cater to specific business needs. These companies can translate your documents, website, applications and any business communications. When it comes to business translation, accuracy can make or break the deal. An important factor to take into consideration when pursuing English to Arabic translation services is the expertise the translation provider has in the industry sector as well as the knowledge of the local culture. Not only do accurate English to Arabic translation services help consumers fully understand what your business is about, and thus increase the chances of them buying your service, but they also help you take your business revenues to the next level. Professional translation services can inflate your business. Another important aspect about English to Arabic translation services is the localization process. Your service or product have to undergo an adaptation to ensure consistency with the social, cultural and legal requirements of the targeted market. This is an important step because it completely breaks the language barrier to help your business globalize more efficiently and profitably. Your professional translation company should recommend to modify your source text to make sure it resonates with the new market.

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