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Artificial Intelligence applied to Machine Translation at FITUR 2021

From 19 to 23 May, the new edition of FITUR will be held. A meeting between professionals that will allow to know the new language technology tools developed by Pangeanic and how they can open new ways of prosperity in the sector.

A new edition of FITUR, the first International Tourism Trade Fair which, as every year, brings together professionals from the world tourism sector at IFEMA, begins on 19 May.

One more year, Madrid hosts this wide showcase of tourism proposals from which Pangeanic, together with Turistec, will present the latest advances in language technologies and automatic translation.

A presentation that harbours a common goal, the support and growth of the tourism sector that has been so hard hit by the pandemic situation and social restrictions. To this end, the Valencian company offers visitors its cutting-edge technology based on deep neural network systems capable of developing artificial intelligence environments to facilitate the work of companies in their interaction with customers, enabling their internationalization and entry into other foreign markets.

Pangeanic's technology division, PangeaMT and its ECO platform, enables the customization of adaptive translation engines, which perform near-human-parity translations with the highest level of enterprise security.

This automation, for example, is applicable to chatbots and company websites, achieving translations adapted to the style and terminology in minutes.

What is machine translation and how to apply it?

MT is language processing in which computer software is used to automatically translate text from one natural language to another.

Currently, Pangeanic's neural machine translation engines guarantee a very high parity with a human translator (90-95%). This is why they are chosen by government agencies in the USA and the European Union or state agencies such as the Spanish Tax Agency, EFE, FCC, which allows institutions and companies to translate large volumes of data and documents, with the highest level of control, personalization and ownership for the user. And, above all, in an environment where each organization maintains control and privacy over their data, unlike online environments. Each Pangeanic environment is another step in each organization's strategy to create its own multilingual AI system.

About the NTEU project: Near-Human Quality Neural Machine Translation for Public Administrations

In addition, to improve this technology, they have developed and refined a deep adaptive machine learning algorithm that selects the most relevant content from a repository of billions of data, thus prioritizing incoming material. In this way, neural MT engines are created that mimic the user's style and expressions as if it were almost a human translator.

In the travel industry, real-time translation helps companies understand and measure live customer satisfaction. A must-have tool for multilingual businesses that want to continue to grow and expand their products and services into new markets around the world.

FITUR 2021

This 41st edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair stands as an essential event for the recovery of the tourism business, which is why the FITUR Organizing Committee is focusing on enriching specialized content and new business niches.

An event that is currently the second most important fair in the world and which brings together more than 165 countries, is the largest event on innovation and technological leadership in tourism management in Spain.

Are you going to miss it?

Find Pangeanic in Hall 10 - Stand 10B45, with Turistec.