When to Use Machine Translation?

Still under the impression that machine translations are not worth it? It’s time to think again. The world of machine translation has gone through a lot of growth over the past few years. Many different industries are making use of it and although we are not quite at the point where a novel can be translated by machine into an equally poignant conversion, technology is still impressing many. The following are applicable in an automated translation:
  • Formulaic Language
In documentation that has a very structured style of language then machine translations can deliver outstanding conversions. This is due to there being a very tight language set, which can enable the software to convert with a limited scope. Industries such as government, legal and medical sectors that don’t use flowery terms do well to use machine translating services.  
    • Less-Structured Writing
For pieces of text that are not so well structured, results can be mixed. Although modern machine translation is capable of converting text from one language to another, the downfall can occur when there is particular meaning that needs to be captured and conveyed. However, there can still be some errors. In business it can be dangerous to incorrectly translate material as it can play out in a financial loss. Machine translations are best for non-critical text that is not reliant upon being completely correct, but can be steered by the context more than specifics.   If you need to discuss your needs as to whether you need a machine translation service or a human translation service, contact us today. We can advise you on which style will most suit the results that you are looking for. You can reach us on (+34) 96 338 57 71 or email us through Pangeanic's contact form.  

Machine Translation can be used in specific circumstances, not in every case