“Can you translate into Japanese some documents urgently? I have a PowerPoint and our brochure in InDesign...ready for an exhibition in Tokyo”.

That was a real translation request not long ago. We had 72 hours to turn around 6 company brochures, business cards and PowerPoint information leaflets. Just over 5,000 words to translate from American English to Japanese, plus desktop publishing in InDesign and PowerPoint - Japanese version. It all started as a general email request for traslation using our contact form. “It is a rather urgent request as we are flying to Tokyo on Sunday to a trade exhibition, and we need high-quality PDFs so they can be printed here in the US and we can take the Japanase translations and brochures with us to Tokyo.

The Japanese language is one of our star languages.  With offices in the center of Tokyo, in the Shinjuku area, we have helped plenty of US companies and European companies with their language needs for the Japanese market. Likewise, we have developed a very strong relationship with Japanese brands exporting their products all over the world. The translation of instruction manuals, marketing brochures, technical literature, tenders and bids for some of Japan's household brands forms part of Pangeanic's history.

So, we put the best of our teams to work as soon as possible, both in Europe and in Japan, working around the clock so that once translation was finished in Tokyo, our expert DTP personnel in Europe could finish the layout in InDesign and in PowerPoint using Japanese fonts and proper Japanese layout. 72 hours and high-quality, press-ready Japanese PDFs delivered securely from our GlobalSign-certified servers to the client in Ohio, US.

Do you need a full website in Japanese?

We can crawl your website, pull the content out and send you every page translated. We can even monitor new content and send you translated texts (or leaving them in the drafts folder of your CMS) as you publish, reducing admin time. Watch our Cor technology in action! 

Do you need our Japanese Translation Services?

Can we translate into Japanese fast?

Yes, we can - really fast. Our Japanese translators live in 3 continents, although the bulk of them are resident in Japan. We will help you every time you need to translate English to Japanese. And we promise to stay ahead of the market and provide accurate Japanese translation services at competitive prices. Technology makes Pangeanic famously efficient and fast – we do not cut corners, we do not underpay our Japanese translators.

We have developed huge databases with English-Japanese translations which include translations from the global think-tank TAUS and other organizations and donors. We make use of these previous translations as reference material for work, which enables us to provide a fast translation service with approved terminology.

Did you know?

Modern Japanese is not the official language of Japan - it is the national language of Japan. There are 1,2M Japanese speakers in the US and 1,4 in Brazil!

Our Japanese translation services translated 1,3 million words into Japanese in 2015, and a half a million Japanese characters into English. The main topic was Japanese technical translations (user manuals, instructions, etc.) and marketing translations into Japanese. We have also developed machine translation from Japanese and into Japanese (watch our youtube channel). 

Did you know Japanese is a language isolate?: The Japanese Language

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