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The benefits of working with a language consultancy company

Why would you use the services of a translation company when you already know someone who speaks the language? Or even.... when you can get it for free from Google Translator free online service? You do not have to rely on freelance translators to translate your legal documents, scientific reports, marketing materials or company handbook. A reliable language consultancy company will not only handle the HHRR side of the job, but also review and check the material before releasing it to the public. The main advantage of a language consultancy/translation company over an independent translators is that you can count on a system already in place to ensure quality and efficient service consistently. Pangeanic's ISO9001 certification and accreditation to European Translation Standard EN15038 are one of the guarantees you are dealing with a quality-minded company. And our long list of household brands and multinationals which trust their language needs to us is the final guarantee... a long list of satisfied clients since 1997. Here are some of the key features of the service offered by language consultancy companies. 1. Affordable rates. There are many language consultancy companies operating worldwide and using specific translation technology (and proofing, and revision technologies). This has resulted into a drop of prices and an increase in the quality of service. This also means that you can look around for a service that would fit your budget. 2. Instant quote. Most language consultancy companies offer you the possibility of an instant quote, online or by email. This facilitates project cost calculation before your project starts. It may also give you the opportunity to shop around. 3. Fast turnaround times in multilingual projects. Since most language consultancy/translation companies are comprised of multilingual personnel themselves, they can promise faster turnaround times than an independent freelance translator. If your needs are multilingual (dealing several languages simultaneously), you may need a project leader or coordinator in-house to deal with the project. Moreover, you will need to allow time and resources for editing, proofing, grammar check and quality checks in languages perhaps you are not familiar with. A language company already has the infrastructure and human resources at hand to ensure that you will be receiving only the highest-quality work at all times at a better rate than doing the project management yourself. And if you are working on tight deadlines, counting on an expert external team is essential. 4. Customer support. Keeping track of the progress and changes in a project is important for most people. Professional language consultancy companies have customer support personnel that are available anytime to keep clients updated on their project. It is also normal industry practice for companies to assign a specific project manager to a client for the whole duration of a project. Pangeanic's project managers are experienced personnel with millions of words and literally thousands of publications behind them. They will guide you through the best options to make your project as smooth as you would expect. 5. Have your documents translated only by native translators. This is a must. 6. Efficient document submission and retrieval: Online submission and document retrieval. This removes the hassles in mailing a document and significantly reduces cost and improves turnaround time by several days. E-mail is not a management system.... If you need translation services from technical to healthcare, legal, software, user manuals, financial or patents, online or paper publishing with Pangeanic you can be sure to be in safe hands for all your foreign language needs.  

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