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Proud to be Russian: find out in what aspect

Opinion polls undertaken in the run towards Russia's National Day in 2013 by the VCIOM (the Russian Public Opinion Research Center) showed interesting differences as to how Russians perceive their country and what they feel most proud of and foreign views. Russia is a BRIC country with massive oil and gas natural resources. Its capital, Moscow is one of the most expensive and diverse cities in the world, with immense cultural offerings. The country has been the focus of increasing international trade and commerce. It boasts a luxury-hungry population with increasing buying power which like to buy quality goods and spend vacations abroad.Nevertheless, Russia's transition to a market economy is slow and not problem-free. After asking 1,600 people all over the country, researchers found that most Russians feel proud of their history, sports achievement, arts and army, and also about what they perceive as better living conditions.

                                                     what are russians proud of

What events in the life of Russia over the recent 10-15 years are you proud of? (open-ended question, not more than three answers)
2005 2013
Winter Olympics in Sochi - 7
Achievements of Russian athletes; proud for Paralympic athletes 6 6
Increased influence of Russia, its presence in the international arena 2 5
Increase of economy; recovery from the crisis; rise in living standards 5 6
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