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Do you need professional translation English to Chinese?

"I need legal English Chinese translations" or "I'd like to translate my website from English into Chinese"

These are some of the common requests we receive at Pangeanic. A quote to translate from English to Chinese is, in fact, a very popular online inquiry. Whether you are looking for Simplified Chinese translations, or to translate into Traditional Chinese, Cantonese or Taiwanese, we have selected the right translators for your needs.

We will help you every time you need to translate English to Chinese, whether you have documents for which you need accurate Chinese translation services at competitive prices or even a full website into Chinese. Our Cor technology can analyze your website, count the number of words and run translation projects automatically. Technology makes our translation company efficient and fast - we do not cut corners nor underpay our Chinese translators.

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Many studies in the US and Europe suggest that when Internet users are looking for information and particularly when making a purchase decision, people choose language sections or websites in their native language.

Chinese is the language with the most speakers in the world and one of the largest economies, due to become the largest economy in the world in the next few years. China’s online retail sales grow a third to $589 billion in 2015. Many online purchasing choices are based on language preference. It is clear that having a certified translation company like Pangeanic to translate from English to Chinese, whether it is for technical documentation or to translate a website into Chinese has become essential nowadays. But you need more than that. You need to choose the translation company that has capable human resources and a good recruitment policy so the Chinese translators that will translate your documents are the best Chinese linguists for your needs.

Pangeanic has the team and the experience to help you with your document translation into Chinese.

A Mandarin Chinese language website will address 900  million Chinese speakers. A Cantonese website a further 65 million.

Translate Chinese into English

Yes, our Chinese legal translation services, Chinese technical translation services or Chinese medical translation services can also look after your translation needs when you need to translate Chinese into English. This is when you need expert Chinese English translators with the best translation tools in the market.
Further information:  Chinese Translation Services

Pangeanic will

  1. Analyze the text and offer full Chinese document translation management services.
  2. Create Chinese translation databases. Also called Translation Memories, every translated segment is saved in a database so it can be "recalled" - you will never pay twice for the same or even similar sentence.

  3. Develop English Chinese terminology to apply to all your translation projects. Correct terminology is essential and establishing the right preferential terms before starting a translation can save hours, if not days, of unnecessary checking after translation. When you need to translate English to Chinese, particularly technical documentation, ask the client to approve preferential terms beforehand.
    Many companies use precise terminology as a differentiator in the market: enforcing company terminology means that users identify general concepts with your brand in China. Everyone can remember examples of products whose name has eventually become a generic product definition.

  4. Provide native Chinese speaker editing and proofreading services/review. We use state-of-the-art translation and checking tools and Chinese proofreaders to verify that Chinese style and adequate Chinese terminology in the field have been followed.