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Proactive and highly successful participation of Pangeanic/PangeaMT in Localization World Barcelona 2011

Pangeanic and their Machine Translation division PangeaMT were well represented at the Localization World edition in Barcelona in June’11. Manuel Herranz, CEO, who had spoken at TAUS Executive Forum in Barcelona the week before was joined on this occasion by Elia Yuste (Business Development Manager and PangeaMT Lead) and Antonio Lagarda (PangeaMT R&D).

Pangeanic / PangeaMT were pleased to cooperate with the Localization World Organizing Committee and became Gala Dinner Sponsors, an event attended by over 400 international delegates of a total 550 attending this conference edition, the largest in number of participants and one of the most successful editions to date.

The PangeaMT booth was visited on a constant basis by well-known localization industry players as well as newcomers to the industry, established fellow LSP companies in Europe, the US, South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific, and last but not least, freelance translation specialists and consultants operating internationally.

This was an extraordinary setting to discuss collaboration and representation avenues, sales opportunities and most importantly, demo our PangeaMT DIY technology while first analyzing customized translation automation needs with our interlocutors.

Apart from exhibiting PangeaMT, also with a focus on the post-editing and  other top-notch linguistic services that  Pangeanic may offer, Manuel  Herranz and Elia Yuste also took part in the  Conference program as  speakers at the E7 track hosted by Jaap van der  Meer (TAUS) and entitled  MT Experiences at IBM, Sony Europe and  Sybase. Fausto Prastaro (Sony UK) and Elia Yuste and Kerstin Bier (Sybase, a SAP company) and Manuel  Herranz presented their two  respective use cases. Presentations available upon request.

We are looking forward to seeing Localization World happening in Spain again in future spring time editions and are happy to confirm our participation to the next edition of the Conference in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, California, in October’11.


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