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Pangeanic to launch PangeaMT-BIO solution and exhibit technology at BIO International Convention in late June 2011

Pangeanic, Spain’s top language service provider to release PangeaMT-BIO, the customizable Machine Translation solution for the Biotechnology domain

Valencia, Spain, April 27, 2011 — Elia Yuste, Pangeanic’s BDM to present PangeaMT’s latest machine translation offering in the BIO 2011 Conference in Washington DC at the end of June.

PangeaMT, Pangeanic’s language technology division, is a European leader in the tailored implementation of independent, open source statistical translation automation solutions for specialized domains. A growing number of global companies in need of establishing and consolidating their international presence have trusted us their multilingual content production strategy. Translation automation in scientific and technical domains is not only technologically possible but commercially necessary. However, not any freely available, open-domain translation engine should be used. Think also about your corporate confidentiality policies. It is thus advisable to deploy translation solutions that are data-driven, domain-specific and fully customized in accordance to the corporate literature and knowledge of the client commissioning the PangeaMT engine. Corporations, content writers and other language service providers (LSPs) have benefited from this approach. Even if you translate just half a million words a year, you are a prime candidate to benefit from this technology. PangeaMT brings together a team of professionals with expertise in computational linguistics, translation, content and knowledge management, with the flexibility to adapt to your needs and guide you through each step. As part of our consultancy and customized engine creation, the PangeaMT team can look after the hard work involved in data mining, collection and analysis. If you already have bilingual text files, we will leverage and enhance your existing translation databases and if need be, add content that is representative of your domain. PangeaMT’s mission is to bring democracy to the machine translation world and make the technology affordable and usable for as many users as possible belonging to highly specialized fields. We have been serving leading industry vertical players from the automotive, software, engineering or consumer electronic fields, to name a few. “It is about time that we started to make significant inroads in the biotechnology arena as well, a rapidly growing sector that will represent Spain’s 3% GDP by 2030. Thanks to the PangeaMT-BIO system for the English-Spanish language pair, we will be able to help Spanish-speaking biotech organizations to firmly step in the international biotechnology scene, thanks to properly translated content that derives from the latest statistical and hybrid translation technologies with the human linguistic touch,” Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic’s CEO says. Translation industry consultant and expert Don DePalma from Common Sense Advisory agrees with Elia Yuste, Pangeanic’s Business Development Manager that the BIO International Convention in Washington DC in late June is the perfect scenario to exhibit PangeaMT-BIO in the US. Biotechnology players that wish to internationalize their products and services by sharing information about them in languages other than English will surely find the concept behind PangeaMT-BIO and Pangeanic’s commitment to customized and cost-effective translation solutions most attractive. Pangeanic, the 15-year old, Spanish leading provider of translation, publication, software and web localization and manual-making services, works independently and in association with sister offices in Japan and China for (cross-national) institutions, famous multinationals such as Sony or Sybase-SAP, government agencies and other language companies all over the world. Our built-in quality service philosophy is accompanied by the latest computer applications and state-of-the-art language quality assurance (QA) technology. Our whole package is engineered to speed and reduce your localization and translation costs in any language. Our work ethos is directed to make the language translation process as smooth, painless and cost-effective as possible. We believe in the automation of as many processes as possible. You reap the benefits of PangeaMT domain- and customer-specific machine translation technology in your internationalization and globalization effort. If you are a Biotechnology player in need of specialized content translation you will love the new English<>Spanish PangeaMT-BIO engine.

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Contact Person: Ms Elia Yuste, Pangeanic’s Business Development Manager and PangeaMT’s Scientific and Commercial Lead Email:   e.yuste@pangeanic.com / eyuste@pangea.com.mt Division’s Web Site & Blog: www.pangea.com.mt / pangeanic.wordpress.com/

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