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Pangeanic only Spanish Translation Company to be mentioned in EU report

Pangeanic has been mentioned as one of very few LSPs that are embracing technology and leading the way in deployment and tuning of open-source machine translation (MT) solutions to particular needs in the recent EU report “Studies on translation and multlinguism –  The size of the language industry in the EU”, pg 83.

The strategy of investing in people who can bring new skills and customize fit-for-purpose solutions to particular machine-translation applications is highlighted in the report, which places importance in access to data via initiatives like TDA.

Whilst large sets of data do not automatically translate in perfect statistical machine translation engines, the selection and customization of TM as well as other data is one of the key points in developments designed to accelerate language transfer, bringing time and cost savings to companies.

The study also reports on large LSPs like SDL and Lionbridge and the possible MT ”lock” strategies behind their marketing.

PangeaMT.com is the statistical machine translation division, with a mission to build and adapt SMT solutions that will work effectively in particular applications and domains, with client data and customized sets.

The report can be downloaded from the link below.



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