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Pangeanic is also in Japan: expansion of the team and takeover of Business Interactive Japan

Pangeanic makes its way into the machine translation market in Japan. Japan is one of the leading countries in technology, being the fourth nation in the world to invest the most GDP in development and R&D. With the takeover of B.I. Japan, Pangeanic strengthens its presence in this country, hand in hand with one of the most renowned companies in manual translation at a national level.  Manuel Herranz, CEO of Pangeanic , worked as part of the B.I. Japan team from 1998 to 2005, as European Director. For years B.I. Japan has been working with us as a translation service provider and has now become the new subsidiary of Pangeanic Japan

We welcome our Japanese branch 

With the creation of the Japanese subsidiary, Pangeanic also expands its team, with the incorporation of new talents to the company.  Our BDM, Tokiharu Iwanaga, is joined by experienced professionals from the LSP sector: Mika Machida, Haruko Naoi, Chizuru Enmei, Takatoshi Someya, Hideaki Miyamoto and Keita Cho.  

Japan, the country with the highest number of ISO 27001 certifications

The demand for quality is part of the Japanese business culture, which of course applies to the field of technology and innovation development. Japan participates in the ISO as a member body which means that it influences the development and strategy of ISO standards and also participates in technical and regulatory meetings.  According to the annual survey conducted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), technology companies spearhead these results in the number of certifications achieved. Pangeanic, which obtained and has maintained the 27001 certification in Information Security Management Systems since 2020, is strengthened in Japan, the country that ranks first place in the number of certifications achieved of this ISO. Quality in information security, a fundamental basis of success for companies that want to make their way in this country, is an aspect that the Valencian company prioritises in each of the services it offers to its customers.    Read more: 7 tips for good translation quality control   

PangeaMT, Pangeanic's technology division 

With more than twenty years of experience in translation, Pangeanic evolves with a powerful development of its own solutions and research, creating its technological division PangeaMT At PangeaMT we create solutions that adapt to the needs and volume of the market, developing artificial intelligence and natural language processing applications.  ECO is the language processing platform created so that our clients can train their engines in a customised way and from private servers that keep the information secure.