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Pangeanic, Gold Sponsor of the World AI Cannes Festival

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology developers, we at Pangeanic could not miss the opportunity to participate in the industry's flagship event: the World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) . We have decided to become actively involved in this prestigious event, which will take place digitally on April 14, 15 and 16, 2022 in Cannes (France) . In a conference, our CEO, Manuel Herranz , will unveil the AI advances applied to language processing and anonymization . Furthermore, we are a Gold Sponsor of the event, and we will have a physical stand at the Palais des Festivals , the location of the event.  

What is the WAICF? Discovering one of the world's largest artificial intelligence events

The WAICF is a top-tier conference program on the complex AI universe , where the world's leading professionals in this field come together.  The event is a unique opportunity to obtain a global and complete vision of the meaning of artificial intelligence , its enormous possibilities, multiple applications and significant challenges.  The common thread of this hybrid event, since it can be attended both in person and online, is the exhibitions of the greatest minds in the field of AI . In total, there will be more than a hundred prestigious participants, whose contributions will allow us to understand the state of artificial intelligence today and in the future, explore its benefits and have valuable and up-to-date information about AI strategies, latest developments and trends .    

AI to the rescue: translating and anonymizing the world’s content. Manuel Herranz at the WAICF

Manuel Herranz , CEO of Pangeanic, has led several EU-funded projects on machine translation and anonymization, and has been part of several expert committees on the application of GDPR to artificial intelligence and language translation systems. AI to the rescue: translating and anonymizing the world’s content . This is the thought-provoking title chosen by Pangeanic's CEO for his presentation during the Cannes event. During his speech, Manuel Herranz will present the new challenges that arise once a text has been translated via AI-based adaptive systems. Once the language barrier begins to break down, thanks to the availability of increasingly sophisticated machine translation software , organizations and companies must find the ideal way of integrating software and operating systems and of adapting to different scenarios, domains and dialogs . Another significant challenge is the need, which is also a legal requirement in the EU and the rest of the world, to protect the privacy of data (anonymization) that are handled and managed through machine translation systems. During his speech, Herranz will focus on the need to create secure data ecosystems capable of providing machine translation services, with near-human results, as well as the need to organize data, extract valuable information and share it with audiences around the world. On top of this, we must not forget a crucial issue: respecting, at all times, data privacy rights during the exchange of content .    

Pangeanic at the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival. See you there?

At Pangeanic we intend to make the most of the WAICF to strengthen our position as one of the leading companies in natural language processing , machine translation and anonymization. The presentation of our CEO, our physical and online stand and our role as a sponsor will allow us to show our progress, knowledge and experience in the application of AI to language processing Our combination of human intelligence and advanced technology allows us to perform cognitive and adaptive machine translations with a quality very similar to human quality . In addition, we are able to extract knowledge from all types of content , whether or not they are organized, to obtain actionable insights , with all the guarantees of data privacy and protection . CTA_Pangeanic sponsor MT summit 2021  

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