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Mobile World Congress 2022, a hub for innovation

After the outbreak of the pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 edition and the restriction of the 2021 edition, now that everything finally seems to be back to normal, the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022) returns to Barcelona . And it does so on its usual dates, from February 28 to March 3, with the intention of regaining its splendor and importance.  At its next meeting, the international technological congress par excellence expects to bring together more than 60,000 people, who will have the opportunity to visit up to 1,500 exhibitors from the world's leading technology companies and hear from more than 1,000 experts.  As leaders in natural language processing (NLP) services, Pangeanic could not miss this event, where we will explain the latest developments of our ECO platform , highlighting its ability to achieve the highest quality machine translations and anonymization with advanced artificial intelligence (AI)  

Pangeanic at MWC 22: authentic AI for language processing

Although it is still in an early stage of development, artificial intelligence (AI) is already a key element in the transformation not only of the industry, where it has become the main driver of the so-called fourth industrial revolution , but in many other sectors and areas of activity.  The gradual progress and improvement of AI processes is allowing us to get a glimpse of their true potential and application possibilities in a very wide range of fields. One of them is NLP , a field in which Pangeanic is at the forefront in the development of AI applications focused on machine translation, Deep Adaptive, anonymization, eDiscovery and Knowledge Discovery.

Connect with us! Meet us at MWC

We invite you to visit us at the Spain Pavilion at MWC Barcelona 2022, at the Fira de Barcelona, specifically at Booth No. 24 . There you will find experienced Pangeanic professionals who will be happy to explain what we do, how we do it and how we can help and collaborate with you. In addition to machine translation, anonymization and all kinds of services related to natural language processing, we also provide content management and professional human translation services, data for training artificial intelligence systems, multilingual publishing and localization.  
Stay up to date with MWC's agenda at: Spain Pavilion MWC Barcelona 2022

Advanced AI, the main theme of the Mobile World Congress

With connectivity as the main axis , the 15th edition of the congress will be divided into 5 major themes: 5G connection, CloudNet, financial technology, technological horizon and advanced AI. Due to its growing importance and the large increase in its uses and applications, AI will play a very prominent role at the next edition of the MWC , where three main subject matters will be covered: data and automation, quantum computing and ethics. With an expected investment of more than £170 billion, experts predict that, over the next three years, the impact of artificial intelligence will be very noticeable , and it will be universally regarded as the key driver of the major changes that lie ahead in the industry and in many other sectors and services. Everything points to the fact that very soon we will start witnessing significant innovations that will change our production processes, the operation of networks, work systems and also the ways in which we communicate and enjoy our leisure time.   

Pangea MT's Eco: the importance of data as fuel for AI

Pangea MT , Pangeanic's technology division, has created the ECO platform and API services. This platform has the ability to produce high-quality translations in different languages, with or without PII (Personally Identifiable Information) anonymization, using AI-based personalized cognitive engines . It is a system that enables automated deep learning based on more than 10 billion perfectly aligned parallel segments. AI not only allows us to create human-quality machine translations, but it also allows us to adapt them to the style and terminology of each particular client.  Come to Booth No. 24 at MWC Barcelona 2022 and discover a new concept of NLP solutions based on the latest advances in AI applied to language.   

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