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Machine Translation! – Online Presentation at ProZ

ProZ Freelance Translator Virtual Conference – Translation3 Empower yourself with Machine Translation! – On-demand presentation by E. Yuste, Pangeanic BDM and PangeaMT Lead Our session deals with how MT, and in particular domain-specific MT applications, can empower not just large corporations’ globalization departments but freelance translators and language service providers alike. Targeting these two important user segments, we will analyze their needs, suggest what slant they ought to have toward MT and present the key assets of PangeaMT, our domain-specific and highly customizable MT solutions. During the presentation we will also tackle some hot topics in relation to machine translation, such as open standards, technology independence, optimized workflow, translation quality, MT post-editing, and productivity. We look forward to an interactive Q&A round with as many participants as possible in the last part of the session. The main learning take-away of the session is a much clearer perspective about what PangeaMT´s domain-specific Machine Translation engines can do for translators and LSPs. They will go home with plenty of information about what differentiates domain-specific MT engines to generalist language MT interfaces, such as Google Translate. They will discover their potential for their daily work and gain a better understanding about how to become more productive and linguistically resourceful thanks to PangeaMT. If you couldn’t view the presentation on the day, you can now watch it here at your convenience. Enjoy! Drop us a line if you have any questions or comments.