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CSA Research Ranks Pangeanic as the 7th Biggest LSP in Southern Europe and 100th in the World

CSA Research (formerly Common Sense Advisory) is an independent market research firm that highlights the growth of companies in the language and technology industry. All these companies have one common goal: to break down language barriers and bring cultures closer together. Pangeanic began its journey in the world of translation over 20 years ago. Over the years, and with the new market demand, Pangeanic grew and evolved, thus becoming a language technology company. The time and effort invested in this field has led the company to obtain large projects for the European Commission, allowing it to continuously develop and improve its technology. "Our constant growth in professional services and technology has made us the 7th largest company in the Southern European language industry. For the first time, we entered the CSA ranking of the top 100 largest language companies in the world. This is an amazing reward for all our team's hard work, and the result of the technological and linguistic collaboration that makes us so unique," says Manuel Herranz, CEO of Pangeanic. It is worth mentioning the creation of ECO in recent years. This is our natural language processing platform that is not only limited to machine translation, but that was also developed with other NLP services in mind, such as anonymization, among others. “We will continue to work on strengthening our leading position in Southern Europe, as well as within the top 100 club of largest companies in the language industry.” - Manuel Herranz What does this recognition mean for Pangeanic?   As CSA Research suggests, the companies that make it to the top of the list each year are those that stand out in the industry for various aspects, such as: monetary usage, technology, internationalization, data methods for machine learning, etc. This allows them to offer more efficient and scalable services, regardless of the language.    Pangeanic has a great team of professionals with extensive experience in different fields, including linguistics, software development, data, language processing, etc. This has allowed Pangeanic to grow by combining efforts and knowledge to train engines with quality data and meet market expectations.   “Our growth prospects are linked to strategic alliances with leading companies, some of which will be materialized in 2022 and 2023. However, our work is continuous, and we will always remain faithful to our mission: to combine the scalability of natural language processing (NLP) with human knowledge and creativity” - Manuel Herranz     The next steps for Pangeanic   The company continues to be rewarded for its efforts and dedication. The changes and developments experienced in recent years have allowed us to grow our research and technological development applied to language processing, enabling us to improve results.   Times are changing and advancing in leaps and bounds. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed society towards modernization and the uptake of technology that continues to grow and reinvent itself. After shining results year upon year, at Pangeanc we are incredibly motivated to continue creating and improving our technology applied to language in order to offer solutions that adapt to the market in the best possible way.    7º position