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2021: Challenges and Achievements for Pangeanic

2021 was a very special and productive year for Pangeanic, as we were able to put in place a series of events that helped us to reinforce the company's values , strengthen our brand and make important advances towards our goals and corporate mission: combining artificial intelligence with human talent in order to provide language and data management solutions in a scalable way.  

 2021: A year of improvement, scalability and increasingly human technology

Pangeanic's efforts during 2021 were fundamentally focused on implementing more agile, flexible and useful internal tools for all employees, collaborators and customers. The latter have benefited from comprehensive services such as document publishing and translation, language content processing and knowledge management. Throughout the year, we have been working very hard on a strategy based on scalability and combining the latest technology (especially Artificial Intelligence ) with human talent to surpass our achievements and attain, together with our customers, increasingly ambitious, effective and cost-efficient goals Our line of work is characterized by having, at all times, a collaborative and complementary approach , since our idea is to combine talent , effort and resources. To achieve our objectives, we develop automated tools at the service of human logic and creativity , which we consider to be totally irreplaceable.  

 What was 2021 like at Pangeanic?

For Pangeanic, 2021 was a different year , in which we put all our efforts towards trying to get back to normal . To do this, we had to reorganize departments and focus even more on new technologies . Nevertheless, the effort bore fruit in the form of optimal results for our company and great prospects for 2022 , which we perceive as a promising year full of projects and possibilities. To face 2021 in the best possible way, we were backed by a series of events, actions and projects that help us to continue growing and become a leading company in our sector. In this post we want to share with you what these actions were, in what they consisted and what they have meant for Pangeanic.  

A year of expansion and growth

During 2021, Pangeanic achieved growth and expansion at all levels: more clients in more countries, expansion of human resources, greater corporate and brand visibility, etc. To achieve this, we launched an ambitious and well-elaborated strategy based on the following pillars :
  • Brand renewal
We completely renewed Pangeanic's corporate image with a logo update and improvements to the graphic line. But that's not all we did: we strengthened our communication with customers by adding more diffusion channels, and we invested heavily in events . The result of all of this is the achievement of a more mature and better positioned brand image .
  • Team growth and expansion
At Pangeanic, we are convinced that our most valuable resource is our human team . We are very interested in having the best talent and making them feel comfortable in our company. For this reason, we are committed to the work-life balance and remote working . Our growth has been developing in parallel with a significant expansion of the workforce , forming a unique, talented and multicultural team .
  • A new branch in Japan
In 2021, Pangeanic managed to break into the complex machine translation market in Japan , one of the leading countries in technology. Our strategy for strengthening Pangeanic's presence in Japan was in the takeover of BI Japan , one of the most renowned translation companies in the world, where our CEO, Manuel Herranz, worked for 7 years, from 1998 to 2005.
  • LocWordWide 45 attendance
We participated in LocWorldWide 45 , the leading international business, translation, localization and global website management conference . And we did so with a grand entrance, giving a presentation on the exciting and complex challenge of translating Asian languages by Amando Estela, CTO at Pangeanic and an expert in digital infrastructures.
  • Customer service implementation
The culmination of Pangeanic’s expansion and growth project for 2021 was the implementation of a new customer service system by Eduardo González. A department that aims to provide the best experience to our customers, solving any questions or problems as soon as possible and giving advice on all the possibilities provided by our services.  

 A year of events and digital presence

Events played an important role in Pangeanic's 2021 agenda . We actively participated in many of them, introducing our services and giving presentations on high-interest matters:
  • FITUR 2021
Hand in hand with its partner Turistec, Pangeanic presented the latest developments in language technology and machine translation at this very important international showcase of tourism proposals. Special emphasis was put on underlining the accuracy and usefulness of these tools in the tourism sector when it comes to facilitating interaction with customers and entering into a greater number of international markets.
  • TIS GLOBAL 2021
We shared experiences from the tourism sector, as well as our Natural Language Processing (NLP) Know-How and other innovative language technology solutions from other key events in the international tourism sector.
  • MWC 2021
We didn’t miss the opportunity to participate in one of the most important technology events, the Mobile World Congress Barcelona , where we presented our ECO Platform for NLP services. This platform allows the user to configure advanced Artificial Intelligence services : deep adaptive machine translation, anonymization and e-discovery, and entity recognition, among others.
  • MT Summit 2021
Pangeanic also participated in the most important international summit on machine translation , AMTA MT SUMMIT 2021 , where researchers, developers and experts discussed advances in more than 20 different MT technologies.
  • Web Summit Lisbon 2021
At this prestigious online event, we delved into the operations and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence applied to language processing services.  

A year of great projects

In addition to participating in distinguished events, throughout 2021 we materialized several important projects that have served to further strengthen our company’s prestige: 
  • ISO 27001 - Information Security
We are now part of the select and small group of companies in the field of language technology and translation services that have the ISO27001 certificate in Information Security , including remote work operations.
  • European projects
The machine translation tool developed by Pangeanic was selected to be used in the prestigious multilingual European project Europeana Translate . We will also be responsible for processing, preserving and distributing the Jewish heritage archives integrated in the platform known as J-Ark . Another of our great achievements is leading the NTEU project , which deals with compiling and reusing several European CEF projects in order to create high quality machine translation engines.
  •  Advances in technological development: the launch of ECO v2 with anonymization
The year 2021 will go down in the history of the company as a key year in Pangeanic's timeline of major events , with the launch of the second version of its NLP platform, ECO . This update was made to include services for multilingual anonymization, an essential matter nowadays in order to comply with EU and US data protection requirements.   

Milestones and successes

All the efforts, day-to-day work, events we participated in and projects we launched have been rewarded with a series of international awards, accomplished goals and successes :    

Our team’s thoughts: Pangeanic's growth in 2021 through their experiences 

Pangeanic's spectacular improvements and growth in 2021 were especially intense for the company’s sales and marketing department. According to Virginia Virino , the current Commercial Marketing Director , the main challenge was " adapting to the new range of customers , who are increasingly dependent on technology for their growth." A challenge that our company was able to face and from which it has emerged even stronger, thanks to the fact that " we have implemented new internal tools that result in improvements all around. We are now more agile, more flexible and more active when it comes to our customer service." For Virino, Pangeanic's main achievement in 2021 was "the creation of a specific Customer Service department , meaning that, together with our Tech team, PMs and the technology division, we are creating a strong service and support structure around the anticipated demand for 2022." María Bodi, HR Manager, summarizes what 2021 has brought from the point of view of human capital management: "It's been a different year, a kind of back to normal, but not to the normality we were used to . We have had to reinvent ourselves, to create, and above all to believe and grow."

 What will 2022 bring?

Everything points to the fact that in 2022, Pangeanic will continue its development, expansion and growth, both in terms of the countries in which it will operate, as well as the customers and services provided. Our expansion plans will be strongly marked by:
  • The growth of the Pangeanic structure, especially in the technology division: new departments, new tasks and functions, new roles in the company, etc.
  • Reinforced plugin integrations and new activities, tools and functionalities, thanks to partnerships with other companies.
  • Greater service diversity: integrating the data segment and opening new business channels through digital marketing, especially through automated subscriptions.
  • Focus on companies that demand new language technology solutions, especially for congresses and all kinds of events in sectors such as: information technology, e-commerce, logistics, tourism, food industry, etc.
  In short, 2022 will be a year in which, on the one hand, our company will reinforce its applied artificial intelligence services and, on the other hand, we are planning to launch innovative solutions related to language technology and data analysis with special emphasis on anonymization and scalability.