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Malima Project Gouria supported by Pangeanic

Dear Colleagues in Translation, As you know, Pangeanic is carrying out some work on the field for a small educational ONG in Valencia which has been working in the small town of Gouria and tout l'arrondissiment for the last 10 years. You can find details in their web 

Our duty is to computerize the school and build a library for the national school in Gouria (try to find it in a map and you will find nothing, and very little about the Kapsiki people in the area who are the most impoverished of the poorest region of a 3r World country. Kapsiki does not feature in the Britannica. The connection where I am writing this from Maroua is so bad it will take me about 2 hours to post this message... The whole team is made of volunteers. My role is to help with internationalization, web and social media. Basically, what we do in our industry, but for free and for a good cause, to make the whole world see how the other half lived. Once one has seen the living and shared these experiences, one's soul is changed forever. There are no administration charges. All the work we do is voluntary and any sponsor is invited to come and visit the school and Gouria itself. Any donations go directly to projects like the water well, the library, a small mill so people can turn their crops into flour. Some tourists go passed in small buses and 4x4 to Waza National Park. I hope these pictures will explain better than my word. I will return to our complacent West in 1 month. [slideshow] Bank details Malima Project, La Caixa IBAN 2100 5578 0902 0004 3628 or write to