How much does a translation cost?

How much does a translation cost?

This is a typical question when you seek a translation service. We would like to provide you some tips in order to find out a fair price for translation services. You can find a typical quotation sample as a downloadable PDF at the bottom of the page. The good news for you as a buyer of translation services is that our technologies will save you money and time. We create a database for every translation we do, in any language pair, so that you will never pay twice for the same sentence. But there's more: our translation technologies have allowed us to align millions of sentences from open data from the EU, the UN, and other organizations like TAUS. We apply these sets of approved terminology if the client agrees in order to benefit from advanced leveraging. This is not machine translation, but perfect human translations that may be similar to your content. Our professional translators will make sure the context will be the same... and this will save you money.  Pangeanic accumulates decades of translation experience so we have been asked: How much does a translation cost per word, how much does a translation cost per page, how much does a translation cost per hour, how much does a translation cost per line, even how much does a translation cost per Kb!   A typical range for human translation ranges from $0,8/€0,7 to $0,17/€0,16 .

Why translation costs vary so much?

Translation prices typically depend on the following factors:
arrowThe source and target languages (languages with a small number of speakers naturally have a smaller number of professional translators)
How urgently you require your textHow urgently you require your text. Is is really due tomorrow? Unless it is an extremely urgent job, being flexible on deadlines by one day means your translation will cost less
ComplexityComplexity: Highly technical translations, banking documents, medical texts (because of their target application) or texts for marketing campaigns that require in-country specialists and language adaptation need a different approach to general dialogue, film or a language course.
Number of wordsNumber of words/ volume to translate
One-time or ongoing translation requestsOne-time or ongoing translation requests?
To enable us to provide you with the most reliable and accurate quote, please fill in the contact form on the right and send us as much information as possible on your requirements. For example the deadline, and the language(s) into which you want to translate. You can also attach the document or a sample document, whether you need regular translation services or one-time only, etc.

Pangeanic's Commitment to Quality

We pride ourselves in always being able to send you a price estimation within the day or 24 hours at the latest after receiving your data. We will analyze the document(s) to be translated contact you with a precise offer.

Additional Charges

Our commitment to you is that Pangeanic will return the documents in the same format in which you sent them to us. We do not charge for maintaining formats in MS Word or PowerPoint presentations (within reason). We can also process InDesign files and return files with the text already in place with the right styles and even do multilingual desktop publishing services. A rush charge of up to 30% may be applied for unusually fast turnaround requests or for weekend work.


We make it easy for you to buy translation services. You can pay directly by credit card or using PayPal (no credit card is required), Moneybookers. and of course by wire transfer. You can even set credit using our Payment section and have it discounted towards future work. If your project is handled by our
  1. US Office - We accept bank checks and no fees apply. We also accept credit card payments and PayPal payments (fees apply).
  2. European Office - We accept bank checks and no fees apply. We also accept credit card payments and PayPal payments (fees apply).
  3. Asian Offices - We generally prefer not to receive checks. We accept credit card payments and PayPal payments (fees apply). Wire transfer is possible to our Hong Kong and Tokyo offices. Please ask for details.

Examples of Translation Price Quotes

Here are some indicative rates (for information purposes only; rates may vary depending on the above-mentioned factors): General English to French or French to English translation of a 5,000-word document: French translation$0,11/€0,10 per source word Large technical English to French translation project (more than 40,000 words) in common language (marketing, development,…): Large technical English to French translation between $0,13/ €0,12 per source word (2 weeks delivery, a surcharge may apply for earlier deliveries) English to Spanish translation of a 2,000-word document: English to Spanish translation$0,10/€0,09  source word (that means $200 or €180!!) English to German translation of a 10,000-word technical manual: English to German translation$0.15/€0.14 per source word (that means $1550 / €1,400)