European Commission Awards value Pangeanic

European Commission Awards value Pangeanic who was recognized as machine translation services to supply post-editing services of Machine Translation documents supplied by the European Commission's Translation Department. The EU currently uses rule-based systems that it has customized for decades with Systran technology. The contract establishes that Pangeanic will provide post-editing services to the European Commission of texts and documents that have been previously preprocessed by Systran's translation software hosted in the Commission's servers. The award endorses Pangeanic's efforts for the advancement of Machine Translation technology and related services, as well as its application in controlled environments. Pangeanic is a member of TAUS and a keen user of MT technology with human editing and human proof-reading. It has thus far used 3rd-party machine translation software. However, the company has embarked in a research program with local universities to implement machine translation technologies and make it core to its offerings. It plans to develop its own technology for the benefit of its clients in order to facilitate fast translation services and the translation of large volumes of data where human translation services are simply not feasible. "This contract is a very good opportunity to prove that our staff and external resources are at the forefront of technology adoption" said Catherine Dauby, Production Director at Pangeanic. "Machine translation is a technology that will transform the translation industry very soon. We have successfully applied it to clients that produce regular documentation as they tend to use controlled language and regular expressions that can be easily understood by software", Catherine continues. "We are looking forward to seeing the output from Systran's systems at the EU and working together soon".  

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