Association for Machine Translation in the Americas's Conference

AMTA-2012, the 10th biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, will be held at the Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego (California) from Sunday, October 28 - Thursday, 1st November.

As in previous editions, AMTA will take place right after the Annual Conference of the American Translators Association (ATA), which is holding its 53rd edition from October 24th-27th, also taking place in San Diego. Both conferences are coordinating program content around joint topics of interest. Conference content has been designed
  • as a cross-fertilization between researchers' lines of work
  • developers' of machine translation products and services
  • the understanding by both of the needs of the translation industry and human translators
whilst fostering the understanding of modern machine translation technology and the role of advanced translation automation in enterprise globalization and commercial translation processes by the ultimate practitioners of the technology, the human translators - upon whose growing acceptance the technology so much depends. In addition to the standard research track, the main AMTA-2012 conference program also includes presentation tracks for commercial users of machine translation and government as well as a "Technology Showcase" of commercial and research-stage MT technology. Pangeanic contributed in 2010 in a paper co-written by Elia Yuste and Manuel Herranz as  the first European LSP to make successful commercial use of the platform (see: Program Highlights: Invited Keynote talks by Bonnie Dorr (DARPA) and Luis von Ahn (Duolingo)! · Sunday Tutorial by Jost Zetzsche on Using MT in Today's CAT Tools! · Sunday Workshop on MT Post-Editing Technology and Practice! · Additional exciting workshops and tutorials (see detailed program)! · MT Technology Showcase Exhibition - free and open to the public! For further information or to register please go here: And visit our machine translation section if you need further information on MT deployment, Frequently Asked Questions, and more... from the experts!!
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