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What Is Software Localization?

Software localization services facilitate global communication regardless of physical borders. They offer an advantage for the user and, mostly, for developers and companies providing online services and applications.

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Pangeanic: forward-looking translation service company

Our mission: "We believe in work well done, in work done by people, for people, combining Artificial Intelligence and humans".

That's Pangeanic! We work to democratize Artificial Intelligence through personalization for each user experience: Data...

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Working from home productivity: how to stay productive while on lockdown

Is possible to boost working from home productivity? While working from home can be someone's productivity booster, it can be someone else's distracting disaster. The experience of replacing office politics with the comfort of your own home might...

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Proofreading Rates: How much should I charge to proofread a translation?

Proofreading can be an important stage of your translation project because it detects mistakes the translator may have been blind to.

Performing a thorough proofreading of your content is instrumental in fixing any errors that might lead to...

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What is the most translated website in the world?

There are literally millions of websites out there, many of which contain several languages. Translating a website has become a basic business requirement nowadays. But what is the most translated website in the world? Which website is the champion...

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Arabic Translation: An Overview of Arabic Dialects

Don't let the title fool you; Arabic cannot be made easy. But we can shed some light on a few things if you are unsure about the Arabic dialects you should learn. Or if you are searching for Arabic translation services, we can lend a helping hand...
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English to German Translator: Here's your German Translators Team!

"Can you translate English to German?", "Can you provide certified English to German translations?", "I need to translate legal documents from German into English" or "We have a website for which we need a quality German translation" are some of the...

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How to Translate a Website With Google Translate - But Don't

Do you think translating a website is easy? It could be as simple as using Google Translate by clicking a button or copy-pasting some results. Well... it's not!

If all you want to do is read a foreign language website in your native language, then a...

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Looking for English Vietnamese translators? Translate English to Vietnamese

"Do you have certified Vietnamese translators?", "Can you provide professional Vietnamese translations?", "I need to translate legal documents from English into Vietnamese" or "We have a website for which we need a quality Vietnamese translation" ...

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Do you need to translate English to Swedish?

"Can you provide professional Swedish translations? I need to translate legal documents from English into Swedish" or  "We have a website for which we need a quality Swedish translation" are some of the daily inquiries we receive from clients.


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