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The worst translation mistake in history

The National Security Agency in the US declassified a document which points to what is likely to be the worst translation mistake in history. Or, at least, it involves the most serious consequences of a mistranslation in history.

Although you can...

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Need a human translator to translate English to Arabic?

"Can you provide professional Arabic translations? I need to translate legal documents from English into Arabic" or  "We have a website for which we need a quality Arabic translation" are some of the daily inquiries we receive from clients.


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Into How Many Languages Should You Translate Your Website?

Well, you are probably here because you have decided to translate your company’s website. Before tackling the question of whether you need to simply translate some content or localize the entire website, we want to congratulate you. Statistics point...

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The importance of having a good translation for an Arabic website

The Arabic language is a vast language spoken and accepted world over. It is a growing language in any serious world marketing plan for many reasons: it is spoken by an estimated 290 million native speakers in the Middle East, North Africa and East...

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Inuit words for snow: Are there really 50?

For many years, linguists have considered it an urban myth that the Arctic-dwelling Inuits have 50 words for snow. The idea was first put out in the 1880s by an anthropologist called Franz Boas during his expedition to northern Canada to study the...

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Do you need to translate German to English?

"Can you translate German to English quickly? I have some technical manuals to translate from German into English" or "We need to machine translate Big Data and massive amounts of documentation from German into English" are some of the common...

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Do you need to translate English into French?

"I need to translate English to French" or "I'm attaching some documents to quote for translation into French" are some of the common requests we receive at Pangeanic. A quote to translate into French from English is one of our most popular online...

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The German language - A brief history

Would you like to find out more about how the most spoken language in Europe came to be? Our brief history of the German language will help you.

German is an official language in four European countries: the official language of Germany and Austria,...

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Papua New Guinea is the country with the highest level of language diversity

Most people, even those who are not necessarily linguistic experts or translation professionals, know that there are thousands of languages in the world: around 7,000 languages classified as such. Every time a language becomes extinct, humankind...

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